UFO Tours

Sedona, AZ

Where are we going?

UFO Tours
2155 W State Rte 89A
AZ 86336

513 680 8810

What is there to do?

Family Days Out just took part in Anita's UFO Tours in Sedona and it was quite an experience!

UFO Tours in Sedona are hugely popular because Sedona is classified as a "dark sky" area - meaning it's one of the best places in the world to see the stars, and we have to say the sky has never been so impressive!

The night sky on it's own was impressive enough, driving out to an area where light pollution is limited - seeing the impressive Milky Way galaxy stretching across the sky, and being blessed with seeing not one but three shooting stars too!

But it's the UFO Tours that make for an unusual family day out in this incredible Arizona town. 

The UFO Tours are run by Anita Owens - a self confessed contactee with various alien species - and her energy is great. She opens the tour by pointing out lights on the surrounding hills that are for the most part unseen by the naked eye, yet through the night vision goggles they are pulsating energies of light scattered across the mountains. "These are the aliens mining in our remote hills - there are categorically no cars or people that can access that area" 

She then points out some moving objects in the sky. Some visible to the naked eye, some not. Using lasers, they are easy to find when someone spots them, which is a great addition to the tour so we instantly could find the objects.

These objects moved in different speeds across the sky, more often than not in a straight line. Had we seen these on our own, instantly we would have said "satellites" - and to be honest on about 90% of what we saw, the jury is still out. Still, amazing to think "what if they aren't satellites"

Having said that, one of these "objects" pulsated an incredible glowing light as our laser shone on them, and another seemed to "wobble" in it's trajectory. The most exciting moments on the tour!

Were they aliens? Who knows, we came away still not entirely sure the difference between a UFO and a satellite. We were expecting formations of three of six objects shooting and darting across the sky in different directions, but perhaps we watched too many online videos!

Still, it was a fun and unusual experience in Sedona, and using night vision goggles is a super fun activity for the kids - and the sky will be an experience like no other!

Is the truth out there? We really do hope to believe! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $88 per person

Children: Same as adult

Free Under: 14 years


Need a little extra help?

You drive in your car to the location (car park), which is quite flat terrain, and there is no moving around so wheelchair users should be comfortable


When can we go?

Tours operate nightly, meet at 6pm

Year round


Any top tips?

If you take a tour when there is a new moon, you can see more in the sky!

I’m Hungry!

The tour lasts about an hour, but it's worth having a snack on you just in case

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