Family Surfing Vacations in the USA!

Family Surfing Vacations in the USA!
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Top 5 Family Friendly Surfing Vacations in the USA! Written by our Family Days Out correspondent Ann Hawkins.

Home to approximately 326 million residents, the United States of America is the world’s third biggest nation both in population and land area.

Equally impressive is the fact that the U.S is diverse in culture and tradition. It has something for everyone.

Historical places, museums, wildlife and national parks, popular hangouts to local food, there are a number of things one can explore.

If you are a sports junkie, love water adventure and often like to venture out in groups, you’re invited too.

Spectacular alps perfect for snowboarding and skiing, long stretches of deserts and not to forget the Pacific ocean which boasts of some of the finest surfing spots in the world, US has a long list of adventure destinations.

Many world-renowned surfers including Kelly Slater, who was crowned ASP World Tour Champion a record 11 times; and Laird Hamilton, known for his amazing wave surfing skills, are natives of the US.

Surfing has become increasingly popular in the US over the last few years.

The number of surfing spots has more than doubled.

With summers fast approaching, people would be flocking in numbers to experience the waves. These surfing spots feature vibrant other options too.

From delectable seafood to surfboard stores and accommodation with stunning ocean views, everything is available here.

Let’s check out some cool surfing destinations where you can head for a vacation this summer.

1.New Jersey

Known as The Jersey Shore, this place attracts all kind of visitors from far and near to its beautiful shores during the summer.

It is an ideal place for people who want to let loose and enjoy the surfing waves. For first timers, Sea Isle City is perhaps the best place to be.

Unlike other surf spots in New Jersey, Sea Isle is less crowded and features smaller waters, making it an ideal spot for beginners.

For an enjoyable surf holiday in New Jersey, plan your trip from October to March, when the waves are still at its peak.

Though this area offers the best of beaches and waves, there is more to enjoy. New Jersey is closely located to some of the popular most cultural centers – New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

2. New York

New York enjoys some of the finest surfing points you’ll find in the east coast region.

Montauk, sometimes referred to “The End”, was once a quiet fishing town located 120 miles East of New York City, but today, it is massively popular among surfers who visit from different parts of the world looking for a thrilling surf experience.

With high rising waves, it is indeed one of the best surf vacations on the American soil.

During peak season, you will find a mix of creative types and affluent locals hitting the destination.

3. Hawaii

If you can’t have fun in Hawaii, then nothing will interest you in other destinations. Trust me.

The impressive swell in Hawaii is a surfer’s dream. The south shore of Oahu offers great swells and warm water all year round.

Not so massive waves of Waikiki make it a perfect spot for kids to master their surfing skills.

Just within the walking distance are some great attractions. Kapiolani Park, Waikiki Aquarium, and Honolulu Zoo are an absolute fun.

You can keep yourself busy exploring wildlife once you are done with your surfing fun.

If planning for a surf vacation this summer, this is worth considering.

4. California

The list of top surf vacation spots in the US will be incomplete without mentioning California, a surfing mecca that caters to beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

You’ll be spoilt for choices for surf spots in California. Santa Cruz waters offer some world-class waves that are perfect for all kind of surfers, rookies and pros.

Located about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles is Malibu, a lovely surf town that is home to several breaks such as Surfrider Beach and Zuma beach.

Other great surf vacation spots in California include San Clemente which experience some monstrous waves throughout the year. It is home to popular breaks such as San Onofre, Trestels and Dohney.

Encinitas features a mix of great waves and wind.

5. North Carolina

Just like other top surf spots, North California is an unmissable destination for surfers.

You can visit here to learn. Or if you like to exhibit your skills, you can do it here.

North Carolina is one of the best spots to learn surfing. Kill Devil Hills, and Outer Banks are the most popular surf spots in North Carolina.

Millions of local and visiting surfers flock to this breathtaking surf location all year round.

These surf spots are a great place to watch professional surfers ride the waves.

Surfing by season

The US features many different weather conditions depending on your location. It receives swells from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico.

California is, without doubt, the most popular surf destination in the United States with warm dry summers.

Breezes from the Pacific ocean ensure a cooler atmosphere during summers and warm climate in the winter season for beach communities.

You can enjoy amazing surf holidays all year round. However, the best time of the year for surfing is October to March.

Just a few places on earth can take pride in true surfing experience.

US is one of them.

Surf's Up Dudes!

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