Tours Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is always full of wonders!

If we told the kids that there was a magical city where they could enjoy hands-on fun with cool scientific experiments, get lost in the enchantment of a land filled with rides, come face to face with a real life lion, AND spend time in the desert - all in the one city, do you think they would believe us?

Phoenix is filled with entertaining and fun things to do for the whole family.

That hands-on fun where  become a scientist? That’s the Arizona Science Center where kids can play, experiment, create and learn! The land filled with rides? Enchanted Island, where kids under 10 get their own theme park to enjoy! 

And the lions…you guessed it! Phoenix Zoo is where kids can get close to their favourite animals, and the Desert Botanical Garden allows kids to encounter the rare and threatened species of the desert in the safety of the center!

So go on, get lost in the magic of Phoenix, because it really is a great, magical city filled with kids fun!


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