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Family Fun In Sedona !!

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The locals in Sedona have a saying. God may have built the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona!

If you are lucky enough to take your family there you will see why. It is one of the most naturally beautiful places you will get to see and there are so many great opportunities to enjoy spending fun time with the family. There are literally hundreds of fantastic hiking trails where you can soak up the natural beauty and can come face to face with some incredible local wildlife like the numerous Javelinas (don’t get too close though they can be very territorial). Also feel the force of the numerous energy vortexes, reported to have all kinds of magical powers!  

Some of the hiking trails can be unsuitable for young children as there are lots of high areas and sinkholes, so do be very careful and plan accordingly. For older teenagers why not hire off-road bikes from many of the local bike hire shops, like Over The Edge, or take a guided tour. You can head off on your own if you feel confident enough, but some of the trails can be quite extreme though so take advice on skill level. Amongst the numerous tour companies check out A Day In The West who can take you off-roading in comfort, horse riding, or many other fun experiences. The Grand Canyon is not too far away and Detours offer a number of tours. If you want to get an aeriel view there are loads of great opportunities including  Red Rock Helicopter Tours where you can fly by chopper amongst the fantastic red rocks or even take a bi-plane if you are feeling adventurous.

Sedona Trolley Tours is also a great way to take a short narrated tour and learn about Sedona and its history. Some other highlights are the Verde Canyon Railroad and the Lowell Observatory where you can do stargazing tours of the desert night sky. Montezuma Castle Monument is well worth a look for learning about the history of the area and the Out Of Africa Wildlife Park isn’t too far away where you can come face to face with African wildlife in their own habitat.

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