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Colorado is an outdoor loving kids dream! It should be called The Adventure State. There are so many fun things to do in Colorado with kids that you will be stuck deciding what to do first! From a rich history to those famous snow capped mountains great for those snow sports, Colorado has plenty of kids fun. There are animal attractions, fascinating museums, transport attractions and of course, a whole great outdoors to be explored! Who's ready to go!

Of course kids always have fun in the great outdoors, but sometimes kids want something more than scenic drives and lake adventures. That’s where Colorado comes in - they have it all!

Never considered The Centennial State for theme parks? Head to Lakeside Amusement Park to change that! Didn’t think Colorado was for the animal lovers? How about Cheyenne Mountain Zoo or Downtown Aquarium?  

What about museums? Where do we start! History lives with Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum, kids can create and play at the Children’s Museum of Denver,  and who doesn’t love a ghost town! Ghost Town Museum will sort you right out!

And of course, how can we not mention the great outdoors - but with a difference! Kids can surround themselves with fossils at the The Dinosaur National Monument, or visit the second most visited mountain in the world at Pikes Peak! 

There is so much kids fun to be had in this amazing state for the active kids, train lovers, nature lovers and of course the little ones (there is even Santa’s Workshop!) but let’s not forget that Colorado is one of the premiere skiing states in the USA.

Colorado? More like Colora-GO!


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