Red Rock Helicopter Tours

Sedona, AZ

Where are we going?

Red Rock Helicopter Tours
1225 Airport Rd
AZ 86336


What is there to do?

Flying!  Roger that.  Sky Safari Tours & Charter have been operating Red Rock Helicopter Tours since 1994 and have given countless families (over 56,000 people!) the thrill of seeing stunning Sedona from the air.  

Kids will love feeling like a pilot as they clamber in and belt up, each being given a cool headset so they can not only hear the pilot’s really informative commentary about the area, but so they can also chat to each other as the soar through the sky.  

The scenery is spectacular, and its always a thrill when the jet-powered helicopter flies over one of Sedona’s infamous rock formations that you feel like you could almost touch it.

There are a number of tour options for you to pick from - ranging from a quick 15 minute experience (which is a great introductory tour for those who haven’t flown before) to the adventurous Hummer / Helicopter combo tour which will show you areas of Sedona unreachable by land.  

If you have experienced a helicopter and want something different, you can also book the very cool biplane tours suitable for 2 people.  These classic old planes will make you feel like you’re back in the 1930s as you make your way across the desert.  All that would be missing are large flying goggles and a long scarf!  Check out their website for more tour options. 

These are definitely tours you should try and fit into your time in Sedona - you will never forget the experience.  Only downside is you will have to listen to your kids beg you to come back!

Over and out. 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Varies on tour see website

Children: Varies on tour see website


When can we go?

See Website for flying times

See Website to book flight


Any top tips?

To make sure you are all checked in before your flight, be sure to arrive 30 minutes early. Kids will love seeing all the plans come and go while they are waiting too! Also, if you know others will love the experience just as much, gift certificates are available to purchase.

I’m Hungry!

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