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familyDaysOut Feb 15, 2019

Ways to Fund Your Family Trip (Even on a Budget)

Written by Family Days Out correspondent Karoline Gore

Taking a family trip continues to be a priority for Americans, and popular choices in 2017 included 51 percent of us visiting national parks and 40 percent going theme parks. While travel might not always be a priority in a household budget for the average family, going away somewhere different is an opportunity to bring everyone together for meaningful experiences, memories and long term happiness. However, if you’re constantly worrying about how to pay for it all, it can take the fun out of it. Whether you’re looking for budget tips for a family day out or plan to take a longer vacation, there are ways to save beforehand, removing the stress with a few simple money saving strategies.

Be smart with your cash!

It's not as difficult as you first might imagine to increase funds and improve your finances over a relatively short period of time. Open up a dedicated online bank account, preferably with a high interest, to save for family days out, leaving it untouched until you need it. Additionally, be on the lookout for potential investments which can provide you with a stable income for the future. While stock prices can fluctuate frequently, providing you look for the long term growth of a company’s shares, your finances should blossom over time.

Involve the whole family!

Get thinking creatively and encourage all the family to get involvedso that everyone takes responsibility for the family travel expenses by pitching in with pocket money or birthday gifts. If you have older children, they could chip in by taking on babysitting jobs, mowing lawns or washing cars to contribute into the family fund. Not only will this boost savings, but it will give them a sense of pride as they see themselves making a difference that the whole family can enjoy.

Cut back on everyday expenses

The next time a family member leaves a light on or doesn’t turn off an appliance, remind them of how much energy they’re wasting. Saving energy around the home can save the average American family hundreds of dollars a year and will also go a long way to reducing your household footprint too. Similarly, if your family often has treats of takeaways or eating out regularly, start by cutting them back to special occasions only, and watch your dollars grow in your bank account.