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About Drytown Waterpark

DryTown Water Park offers both thrilling rides and calming environments. The wide range of slides and water play areas guarantees that each member of your family will find something interesting there. Moreover, it is safe, clean, and friendly towards families which makes it perfect for birthdays or other group outings​.

There are many attractions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Some of them include:

The Wildcatter – It is an exciting water slide featuring two 360-degree turns.

Dusty’s Mineshaft Racer – A racing-style slide with a 360-degree turn and a 40-foot drop.

Little Miner’s Camp – Zero-depth pool, slides, and splash play area for young children.

Big Rock River – A lazy river where you can relax as you float along.

In addition to these attractions, the park also features special events such as Family Glow Night when they keep the park open late and illuminate various spots within the park​.

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How much does it cost?

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Adults Non-Resident Over 48" in height: $32.00

Children Non-Resident Under 48" or Senior 65+: $26.00

Free Under 2 years

Last Update 2024

Discount Resident Over 48" in height: $28.00 Resident Under 48" or Senior 65+: $23.00 Military and Family Ticket: $20.00

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Drytown Waterpark FAQ’s

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Drytown Waterpark?

Dusty’s Grill: They serve hamburgers, chicken fingers, sushi rolls, rice bowls burritos among other things on their menu.

Snack Bars: Located near Little Miner’s area and the main entrance respectively; they offer various snacks like chips or pretzels alongside beverages like soda pop or water bottles.

However outside food/beverages are not allowed except water/baby foods contained in plastics only; no ATMs on-site thus accepted forms of payment should be brought along by guests​.

Any top tips when visiting?

Greatest Hints For Going to DryTown Water Park

Come Early:

Coming early will ensure the best place for setting up your base and reduce waiting time for popular rides​ (Visit Palmdale)​.

Carry Essentials:

Bring sunscreen, hats, towels, and water shoes in order to be protected and comfortable all day long​ (City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park)​.

Stay Hydrated:

Take bottled water with you to stay hydrated. Although no outside food is allowed, you can bring water​ (City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park)​.

Use Lockers:

Rent a locker to keep your valuables safe while enjoying the water attractions. Lockers are available on first-come-first-served basis​ (City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park)​.

Plan Meals:

Utilize onsite dining options like Dusty’s Grill that provides various meals and snacks which will keep you fueled throughout the day​ (Visit Palmdale)​.

Check Height Requirements:

Look out for height requirements on different attractions so that you don’t get disappointed. For example some slides require minimum height of 48 inches​ (City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park)​.

Utilize Season Passes:

If you plan on visiting more than once then consider buying a season pass as it saves money in the long run​ (City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park)​.

Attend Special Events:

Make use of special events such as Family Glow Night for a unique and thrilling evening experience ​(City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park) .

Safety First:

Abide by all safety rules which includes wearing appropriate swim wear & using provided life jackets for non-swimmers ​(City of Palmdale DryTown Water Park).

Plan Your Day:

Study the park map & plan your route so that you can hit your favorite attractions and have a great visit overall​ (Visit Palmdale)​.