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6 Tips for a Smooth Kids Photoshoot

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A photoshoot with your kids can become a bonding experience if wisely arranged.

These days, you do not need to hire a professional photographer to get a series of beautiful pictures with your little one for your family album or holiday greeting cards. You do not have to be a professional photographer yourself either. However, like any other photo enthusiast who wants their photos to stand out, you might want to use some inspiration before the photo shoot. Besides, kids are not always perfect models when talking about patience and concentration. Below, you will find 6 life hacks that will help you organize a stress-free photo shoot for your restless toddler.

  • Try Action Photos Instead of Posed 

Posing indeed works perfectly in catalog photoshoots and glam photography. If the model knows their angle and has a few photogenic positions in their arsenal, the photo shoot will go smoother. It’s the other way around if you are taking photos of your kids unless they have experience in modeling. Children often get irritated when they are told to pose for the camera. This childish unease might get you frustrated as well. Therefore, it's wiser to photograph your kid without them being aware. Simply distract them with an action happening at the moment. For instance, ask them to catch a snowflake for you or blow a dandelion. This way, you will get adorable and lively pictures instead of a bunch of grumpy photos, which many of us have from childhood. 

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  • Turn Your Photoshoot into a Game

The best way to catch your child's attention and engage them in the process is to invent a game for them. You can ask your child to impersonate a friend, famous figure, cartoon character, animal, or anything else that comes to mind. Show your child silly faces and make them copy you. If you turn your photo shoot into a game, you will build a stronger connection with your little model and avoid stress on both sides. Alternatively, you can take pictures of your toddler as they play with other kids or their own toys. Images of this type turn out remarkable and full of sincere emotions. 

  • Let Your Kid Be Themselves 

If your child is busy doing something silly or things characterizing them that you do not quite like, do not pull them back. There is no rule saying your kid has to be serious for a photo to turn out right. Your pictures will be more natural and remarkable if the model and the photographer improvise and leave room for random actions and ideas. Besides, if you keep on blocking your child’s urge for self-expression, you might injure their artistic potential and make it harder for them to socialize in the future. 

  • Capture a Range of Emotions 

Whether you are at a celebratory event, a sentimental occasion, or an official ceremony, photograph your little one's genuine emotions and facial expressions. Do not ask them to put on a smile if they do not feel like it. Want to capture some epic photos? Learn to anticipate special moments unfolding - when the kid is about to laugh while hearing a joke, being messy, having their ice cream, or upset having dropped it. All emotions count and build into a priceless family archive you will enjoy overlooking year after year.

  • Experiment with Angles

Do not be afraid to look silly while choosing an unusual position for taking your picture. Sit or lie down if this will help you take a beautiful frame. Break photography standards and be creative with your angles instead of taking regular front-ups. Try new photography techniques like shared focus when all the models in your frame look at the same object. Play with point-of-view style pictures. Just photograph the action from your child’s perspective behind their back as if snapped with their own eyes. This way, your photos will tell a story in the first person and capture special moments unusually. 

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  • Set the Background 

Pay attention to the items and people you have in the background. Whether you like clean surroundings or a naturally crowded and messy routine setup, you should know what you are shooting. Thus, you will not get disappointed noticing something or someone you did not want to have in the frame - strangers, trash, and other objects that look inappropriate in your shot. 

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Were not conscientious enough during your photoshoot, carried away by the process, and something uninvited got in the frame? Or is there anything else you would like to fix in your image - toning and colors? You can easily do that in a batch-processing photo editor. It does not have to be complicated and packed like those by Adobe. In fact, many intuitive and automatic alternatives will make your photo post-production a piece of cake. Check out an easy tutorial on how to edit multiple pictures at once if you want to get acquainted with such a photo editor and polish your series of images in a minimum of time. 

If you use the tips listed above and drop a pinch of your creativity and ease, your kid’s photo shoot will be fun and relaxed. Besides, such an attitude will help prove to your child that the camera is their friend and that taking pictures can be exciting. Also, it will help them loosen up, unleash their artistry, and build self-confidence. Finally, your family archive will be replenished with adorable and one-of-a-kind images that you and your child will enjoy being nostalgic for years after. 

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