Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Charlottesville, VA

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Address: 931 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Charlottesville, VA 22902, USA Number: 434 984 9800 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Sometimes it's great to really bed down in a great history book. Sometimes, however, it's even more thrilling to learn about history in the very spot that it happened!

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is an incredible historic experience for not only the kids, but for the whole family. Monticello is in fact, a home that Jefferson built (when he was only 27 - kids, that's something to aspire to!), and lived in. Today, he still lies in the grounds, so you can even go and say hello!

The house is really a masterpiece, and was re-built for over 40 years. Kids can see influences from all over the world, as a result of his travels.

Tours are the best way to visit Monticello. You can grab the all day pass, that allows you to explore the first floor of the house on a fascinating guided tour. A lot of the artifatcs around the house were actually owned by Jefferson, so you can just imagine what life would have been like as you walk around!

You can take a tour of the slavery quarters, and hear all about how Jefferson was conflicted, because he opposed slavery in a house that was built and run by slaves, and you can also experience the incredible gardens and grounds.

Don't miss a visit to the visitor center either. Here, you can experience a 15 minute film of Thomas Jefferson's life and world, and the Griffin Discovery Room. It really is learning made fun!

An amazing day out in Virginia, where history comes to life, and you actually walk in the footsteps of one of the most influential presidents of the USA. 

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Allow at least 2 hours to visit - it's certainly worth it!

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They offer great tours, including garden tastings, slavery tours, behind the scenes and sunset experiences.

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There is a cafe at Monticello where you can pick up hot foods, as well as sandwiches, and kid friendly options

Healthy Eating They have healthy options at the cafe including salads and water!

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Teachers corner


They LOVE having students come for field trips. It's an incredible way to learn, and kids will love hearing all about Jefferson in the very spot he walked!

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There of course a shop where you can pick up some incredible items including educational, toys and games!

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It's a handicap accessible experience

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Generally 9am - 6pm, but varies on the day so check ahead

Open daily, except Christmas.

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