Vertical Rock

Manassas, VA

Where are we going?

Vertical Rock
10225 Nokesville Rd
VA 20110

855 822 5462

What is there to do?

Vertical Rock is a great way for kids to be introduced to the wonderful world of rock climbing. It can be done indoors or outdoors, and perfect for all ages and all levels of experience.

If you are just starting out, you can pick from one of their programs to ensure you learn a solid foundation to the sport.  

You can join an open climb class, a Learn The Ropes class, participate in one of the fun summer camps - as well as an outdoor summer camp.

Their experienced guides will show you the ropes (pun intended!) and get you started on your rock climbing ventures!

For members, the cost of some of the classes are free, and can really get you going to be a confident, and competent climber. 

The great thing about climbing, is not only does it keep you super healthy and active, but it let's you experience a great sense of achievement every time you make it to the top of a route after trying for a while to master it.  All the routes are color coordinated so you can see the difficult degree for each one.

If you think you want to breathe in that fresh air and give outdoor rock climbing a go, you can take one of their outdoor introduction classes.  Some of these have age minimums so just check before you apply.  Getting outdoors is what rock climbing is all about!  Feeling your fingers against the rock, and seeing how far you have gone up the cliff face!  If you are just starting out - best not look down until you reach the top!  Be brave! 

They also offer private guiding if you wanted to really master some great skills one on one with an instructor out in the big wide world!

Good luck! 

How much does it cost?

Children: From $18 for a day pass. Rentals extra

Discount: Students and military

Free Under: members


When can we go?

Monday 11am - 10pm / Tuesday - Friday 11am - 11pm / Saturday 11am - 10pm / Sunday 11am - 8pm

All year round


Any top tips?

Each class and open play session has different age restrictions so make sure you have a look first. If you are unsure, just give them a call

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