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Did you know that Luray Zoo isn't your ordinary zoo? In fact, it's a rescue zoo! This means that animals are given a loving and caring home when they need it - and now you can go and visit and be part of their amazing story!

Luray Zoo is privately owned and operated by a very caring couple - Mark and Christine Kilby. So no funding from the government - all of their support comes from the admissions, the gift shop sales, donations and outreach programs.

This also means you KNOW that your visit will be directly helping those amazing animals - and we love that!

Where do the animals come from? Well, thanks for asking - we'd be happy to tell you!  The Zoo receives animals that are retired zoo animals, unwanted pets, confiscations, and sadly occasionally abused animals. During your tour of the three acres, your hosts will be able to answer any questions you have, as their strive to educate all who visit about their journey, these gorgeous creatures, and why it's so important to look after pets - an invaluable lesson for kids!

Want to hear something else very cool? Luray Zoo features one of the LARGEST venomous snake collections on the east coast, outside exhibits where you can get up close with the zoo animals, which is pretty amazing! There is also a cute petting zoo too.

So why not enjoy a day with the family where you can meet the animals that your admission is looking after! Let's go!

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How much does it cost?






$6 (Ages 3-12)



Seniors $11


Free Under

2 years


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Any top tips?


During the summer the zoo offers educational shows on the weekends that are included in the admission price!

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Its a good idea to grab something before or after your fun day out! There are plenty of places in the nearby area

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Interested in bringing your group for a field trip? Well Luray Zoo offers a special group rate when you book your field trip! Field Trips are not just for schools but for summer camps, girl scouts, boy scouts, homeschool….just give them a call to arrange!

Can I get one of those?


The Jungle Gift Shop is where you can pick up some super great gifts, souvenirs, animal-related toys, books and items!

Need a little extra help?


Just give them a call to check the accessibility of the zoo!

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When can we go?


10am - 5pm (Mar to Oct) / 11am - 4pm (Nov to Feb)

Year round. Weekends only late Nov to late Dec, then Jan & Feb

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