The Museum Of Flying

Santa Monica, CA

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Address: 3100 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA Number: 310-398-2500 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!  Not literally, but you can still fly at The Museum Of Flying in their super fun simulator!  But we'll get to that....

The museum is a fascinating collection for all of those who just love planes and the history of aviation.  The museum is filled to the brim with artifacts and actual planes, where you can learn all of the stories behind them and their intriguing histories. 

For those who know their planes, you can encounter up close the Cessna 172, a proper Boeing 727 within their Cockpit exhibition, and a Douglas A-4 "Skyhawk".  *crackle* come in, Sir, come in, can you read me *crackle*....

Their aircraft on display chronicle the history of light, and the entire aviation industry within Southern California.

They even have a replica Wright Flyer!  Have a look at what completely started the aviation industry that we know today.  How do you think they came up with the design?  How far do you think it flew when they first tested it?

They also have a great collection of aviation art and rare artifacts to be enjoyed, as well as a hands-on interactive education area for kids which includes a T-33 cocktpit trainer, and (we told you we'd get to this) a real K-3 mini flight simulator where kids can actually learn how to pitch, yaw and roll!  It will be like you are actually flying!  It also has a fully interactive 360 degree pitch and roll - and that means, yes, it will be like you are actually flying upside down!  You can choose your aircraft, and enjoy a realistic experience with its HD 3D images and 5 speaker surround sound!

Have an intense air battle in the Pacific, or just enjoy a nice and relaxing flight over Los Angeles!

So officer - where to next? 

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$6 (ages 3 -12)



Senior/Student $8


Free Under

2 years


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You can hold your birthday party there on weekends, from 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm - and enjoy a fun party time as well as museum tour and Charlie Brown aviation movie!

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There is no age limit to use the simulator, but there is a 4ft height minimum.

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Where is it at?


Fly on over to 3100 Airport Ave in Santa Monica, which is just on the south side of the Santa Monica Airport. Don't follow the city signs on Ocean Park Blvd as this will take you to their old location.

Teachers corner


They offer children's group tours with discounted rates for 10 or more.

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When can we go?

Friday to Sunday 10am - 5pm (Last entry 4:30pm)

Closed Monday to Thursday

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