Rustys TV And Movie Car Museum

Jackson, TN

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Address: 323 Hollywood Dr, Jackson, TN 38301, USA Number: 731 267 5881 Website Contact How do we get there?

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What is your favorite movie?  Or perhaps we should ask, what is your favorite car chase in a movie?  Or even just your favorite car!

Rust's TV & Movie Car Museum has around 30 fun and classic cars, all of which have been used in the movies - yes your actual favorite movies!

As you walk around the cars, remember the scenes they were from.  Imagine the cast and crew all gathering around the car, about to take on that super awesome chase scene!  Imagine you sitting in it with them!

Love Fast And The Furious and want to see the cars up close?  Perhaps you were always looking for adventure and mystery, in which case you would love Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine! Compete with painted colorful flowers of course! 

Live vicariously within the Batmobile and imagine taking on Gotham City, or fight some ghosts with the Ghostbusters! 

If you aren't a movie buff, but love cars you will still get a kick out of seeing all the different models, from different years.  There are some beautiful cars there, and you know they are well looked after because the museum is run by a true fan.  Alternatively, if you aren't a car nut but love the movies, you will get a kick out of seeing cars that featured in your favorite childhood memories, where you escaped momentarily from the real world and got lost in the world of someone else. 

The museum welcomes school groups too, as well as clubs or organizations - so anyone is welcome!  



Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum 323 Hollywood Drive; Jackson, TN 38301; 731.267.5881; Web Site:; E mail : [email protected] Located 3 miles off I-40 Exit 79, this museum has over twenty six cars that have been used in movies and TV as well as TV and movie memorabilia. Many of the cars are the actual cars used in the shows and can only be seen here. See cars from The Fast and The Furious, Death Race, batman., the Death Proof Nova, The General Lee, Scooby Do’s Mystery Machine, and more. We welcome all school groups, clubs or organizations. At Rusty's, it's always fun for the whole Family! Admission is $5.00, under 5 free. Open: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9:00 – 5:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday by appointment

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Rusty set up the museum and always loved cars, so why not have a chat to him too when you're there and get to know how he came about collecting cars - might even might a great movie of it's own!

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Drive on down to 323 Hollywood Dr in Jackson - a very fitting road name for the museum!

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When can we go?

Friday to Sunday 9am - 5pm.

Monday to Thursday by appointment only.

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