Hampson Archeological Museum State Park

Wilson, AR

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Address: 33 Park St, Wilson, AR 72395 Number: 870-655-8622 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Located in northeast Arkansas, the Hampson Archeological Museum State Park exhibits a nationally renowned collection from a nearby historic site, so are you ready to see history come to life right in front of your eyes?

The site we're talking about is the Nodena site, which is a 15 acre palisaded village that once thrived on a bend of the Mississippi River (in what is actually today Mississippi County).

It's at the Hampson Archeological Museum where you can learn about the lifestyles of the farming-based communities that lived in the region from as early as 1400 AD, right through to 1650 AD.

Kids can see a whole other way of life, and come face to face with real artifacts that were used by these peoples who lived off the land so many hundreds of years before us.

Those artifacts and the exhibits share the story of these early aboriginal populations of farmers who spent their lives cultivating crops and supplemented their food resources while hunting native game.

Through these objects you can also see how these communities developed their art, as well as religion and political structure, along with a thriving trading network.

With free admission, why not explore the fascinating past of Arkansas and those who built their lives on the land hundreds of years ago, offering an invaluable learning experience for kids!

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They have some super fun events across the year that you might want to pop in the diary, including the fun Saturdays in the Park series, where you can learn about something different with every visit, from prehistoric pottery, healing through music, dream weavers and other fun topics!

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There are a number of cafes, grills and restaurants as close as 0.3 miles from the museum - all that learning can get hungry work!

Healthy Eating There is a picnic area if you want to take your own food!

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Where is it at?


Hampson Archeological Museum State Park is located at the junction of U.S. 61 and Lake Drive in Wilson.

Teachers corner


A knowledgeable, friendly staff members leads group and private tours so give them a call to arrange students!

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Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the exhibits

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Museum: 8am - 5pm Tuesday to Sat, 12pm - 5pm Sunday

Open year round but closed Mondays, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, and from 12pm Christmas Eve through Christmas Day

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