Fort Donelson National Battlefield

Dover, TN

Where are we going?

Fort Donelson National Battlefield
120 Lock D Rd
TN 37058

931 232-5706

What is there to do?

The Civil War is certainly something everyone learns in school. As you should - it's such an important part of American history! What better way to learn about certain battles within the war, than to visit the actual locations that they occurred!

The Fort Donelson National Battlefield is a place in Tennessee that had an amazing and history changing impact on the direction the Civil War was taking. In 1862, February in fact (the 16th if you want to know!) Fort Donelson surrendered, meaning the victory was to the Union. 

This created a pathway to victory for the Union, and it is now a place that the whole family can visit on your family day out!

The visitor center is the best place for you to start your historic adventure. It is filled with exhibits that fascinating artifacts and information all about the war and what happened at the Fort Donelson National Battlefield. 

Explore the exhibit all about the Underground Railroad in the USA, as well as an orientation film that tells you the story of the two generals in the battle!

Make your way round the battlefield with the self-guided tour. That means you can just take your time! There are 6 miles that you can enjoy, and there are park rangers there to answer any questions that you may have! 

Nearby, there are three forts that the confederates actually built themselves, Fort Donelson being one of them. It's an earthen fort that became a refuge site for slaves seeking freedom, just like Fort Heiman and Fort Henry.

A fascinating look into the past!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free!

Children: Free!


Need a little extra help?

All of the visitor center facilities are handicapped accessible.


When can we go?

Visitor Center open 8am - 4:30pm daily

All year round. Closed Jan 1, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day


Any top tips?

Get the kids taking part in the Junior Ranger Program! There is also a Junior Civil War historian program too!

I’m Hungry!

There are picnic areas so why not bring your own lunch and enjoy your favourite treats surrounded by history! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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