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Mud Island River Park

Memphis, TN

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Address: 125 N Front St, Memphis, TN 38103, USA Number: (901) 576-7241 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Open year round from 6am - 7pm is the increibly popular Mud Island River Park, which is found the heart of the mighty Mississippi River and it's just a short walk from downtown Memphis.

It's at Mud Island River Park where you can see the new and very impressive 50-ft "MEMPHIS" sign (don't forget those cameras, it makes for a great photo opportunity!), as well as an impressive scale model of the Lower Mississippi River, AND you also get to enjoy fantastic views of the Memphis skyline. 

To really gain an understanding of the Mississippi River's incredibly important role and influence over Memphis, don't miss the free Mud Island Riverwalk experience. This is where the scale model really can be appreciated along the riverwalk which spans five city blocks and is marked with a number of cities, bridges and historic markers to give visitors perspective on the river and its people. 

There is also plenty of park space for you to just enjoy time as a family! Relax, spend the day enjoying a picnic, or playing games, or just taking in the beautiful sights of the Memphis skyline and Mississippi River!

C'mon kids it's park time and we LOVE a good old fashioned park day out!

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Don't miss the free Mud Island Riverwalk experience

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There are plenty of places to grab food, but also why not take your own!? There are plenty of places to picnic, so spend the day relaxing and enjoying lunch!

Healthy Eating It's worth taking plenty of water

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Where is it at?


Paid parking available on the island or in the River Parks Garage at Poplar and Front St.

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There are plenty of paved walkways to get around

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Open 6am - 7pm (or dawn til dusk)

Open year round

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