Red Cliffs Lodge Movie Museum

Moab, UT

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Address: 14 UT-128, Moab, UT 84532, USA Number: 435 259-2002 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Take a few steps back in time to the old west with Red Cliffs Lodge Movie Museum! Just along the river from Moab, this lodge is a fun trip out to a place where you will feel like you're back in the 1800s!

If you like the western movies (or parents, you want to introduce your kids to the movies!) then head to the small but interesting movie museum, which documents not only the movies that were filmed in the Moab area, but actually at the lodge itself!

Did you know that Thelma and Louise was filmed in Moab (and not at the Grand Canyon?) There are fun artifacts and memorabilia from the movie for you to see. Did you know that many of John Wayne's films were actually filmed at the lodge? Yep! He was a fan - and when you get there, you will see why!

It was actually a working cattle operation, but then has since become a hotel, and a trip down through the history books.

The museum is a great way to really picture the movie set buzzing around you - all the producers and the camera operators...and actors like John Wayne learning their lines and riding those horses!

Red Cliffs Lodge is a very cool place to hang out with the family once you have finished at the museum. There is a restaurant that overlooks the Colorado River, and it's also a great place to get out into the great outdoors! 

There is horseback riding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting....if John Wayne rode his horse around the lodge, then why not you!

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It's a great place to stop if you are just passing by, and if you want to stay there you can - it's a hotel too!

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They do have horse riding on the lodge, so ask about going out on a tour there!

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They have an amazing restaurant in the lodge overlooking the river, where you can get snacks or a full lunch.

Healthy Eating They have healthy options on the menu so don't you worry!

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