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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

, AZ

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Address: Mitchell Butte Rd, Arizona, USA Number: 928.871.6647 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Spanning the border of Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is an amazing place to take the kids.  This sprawling, sandy piece of natural wonders is dominated by incredible sandstone towers - some reach up to 1000ft - pretty incredible! 

The park is located within the Navajo Nation - one of the USA's largest Native American tribes, which means there is an incredibly rich culture and heritage for the kids to learn about! 

Did you know that Monument Valley was once a simple, flat basin?  Over millions and millions of years, nature took over and layers of sediment piled onto this basin. Then, wind and water took course, and eroded much of the plateau, leaving these incredible formations for you to visit today!

A great place to start your journey is the visitor center, located just north of Kayenta. Here you can find all the information you need on self-guided tours, maps and information.  

Keep an eye out nearby the center for all the Navajo stalls and vendors, because it's a great place for kids to pick up some traditional Navajo items and gifts!

It's an amazing place to take photographs, with the entire landscape changing with the light. As the sun rises, it looks like a totally different place to when the sun is setting. Make sure you try and see it during all parts of the day - it's pretty special! 

So make sure you don’t forget your camera, and head out to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park to experience one of the most amazing natural wonders in the entire world!

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$10. $20 per vehicle up to 4 people.





Free Under

9 years of age


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There are additional scenic drive hours, until 8:30pm in peak season.

Any top tips?


You are responsible for your own trash so make sure you bring a back so you don't leave any mess behind for the next families.

I'm Hungry!


There is a place to grab some food in the visitor center, but you can always bring your own food.

Healthy Eating Make sure you are stocked up with plenty of water! It's important out in that desert!

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Where is it at?


If you are travelling by train, the nearest train station is Flagstaff. The park is located North of Kayenta on the 163. It borders Utah and Arizona.

Can I get one of those?


There is a gift shop in the Visitor Center, but there are also Navajo stalls around the area that you can pick up traditional gifts from - very special items!

Need a little extra help?


There are a number of guided tours that you can take, so you can ask the tour operator when booking about what assistance you need, otherwise just call the Visitor Center ahead of time and check what assistance you might need.

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When can we go?

Peak season 6am - 8pm. Otherwise 8am - 5pm

Open 7 days a week, except New Years Day and Christmas Day.

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