Canyonlands National Park

Moab, UT

Where are we going?

Canyonlands National Park
2282 Resource Blvd
UT 84532

435 719-2313

What is there to do?

Want to know what happens when a mighty river runs over the same piece of land for millions of years, slowly eroding away the landscape into incredibly formations? Canyonlands National Park is what happens!

This national park allows you to experience a wilderness of countless, incredible canyons and amazingly formed buttes, all carved out by that famous Colorado River (you know, that old thing that runs through the Grand Canyon...)

The park is divided into four areas - The Island In The Sky, the Needles, the Maze, and also the rivers themselves. Each area has the same primitive desert atmosphere, but each offer different adventures and sightseeing opportunities - but each just as amazing for the whole family!

Island IN The Sky is the most accessible area, with expansive views from many of the overlooks along a scenic drive. There are also impressive hiking trails here. The Needles are a more backcountry experience, with hiking needed as well as four-wheel driving in order to see the area's attractions.

The Maze is very remote, with more time needed to visit. But hey, they say some of the best things in life are worth the wait! It's truly stunning. Northwest of here is the Horseshoe Canyon Unit which is accessible for the day and has some amazing pieces of Native American rock art. How long do you think they have been there for?! 

With climbing, camping, horse-riding, stargazing and boating, Canyonlands National Park is an incredible experience for kids - giving them a chance to see an impressive and grand wilderness, all caused by erosion (so great for their education!)

How much does it cost?

Adults: $5 individuals. $10 vehicles.

Children: $5 individuals.

Discount: Free entry on certain national park days.


Need a little extra help?

Certain areas are ADA compliant, such as the restrooms and visitor center at Island In The Sky, as well as Needles. When you are there, check the trails as to what is best for your situation.


When can we go?

Open 24 hours a day. Each district has its own visitor center with hours that change seasonally.

All year round.


Any top tips?

Check out the programs great for kids! Island In The Sky and Needles have shorter trails which are great for kids, and there are fun Junior Ranger Programs and Explorer Packs that kids can complete!

I’m Hungry!

There aren't any restaurants in Canyonlands. There are picnic tables in the campgrounds, but feel free to bring your own lunch or snacks. What an amazing view to eat lunch at!

Healthy Eating

Make sure you bring healthy snacks and plenty of water - you will need the energy! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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