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Crow Canyon Archeological Center

Cortez, CO

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Address: 23390 C R K, Cortez, CO 81321, USA Number: 1-800-422-8975 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, located in southwestern Colorado, is dedicated to understanding, teaching, and preserving the rich history of the Ancestral Pueblo people (also called the Anasazi) in the Mesa Verde region. The area is known to have one of the densest concentrations of well-preserved archaeological sites in the world, attracting the interest of archaeologists, and capturing the imagination of the public, for well over 100 years.
Crow Canyon's campus-based programs allow you to participate in archaeological research that advances our collective understanding of the Pueblo past. Programs are available to college students, teachers, school groups, and lifelong learners. The Center's research and education programs are developed in collaboration with American Indians, whose insights complement the archaeological perspective and add a unique cross-cultural dimension to your experience.
In addition, Crow Canyon offers educational travel seminars throughout the greater Southwest and around the world tours that provide additional opportunities for the study of Native cultures, past and present.

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Price varies by program



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Bring water bottles, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes or boots.

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Accommodations on the Crow Canyon campus include three meals every day. Meals feature delectable, healthy entrees, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Eating A salad bar and vegetable dishes are available for those who favor vegetarian meals.

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Where is it at?


Crow Canyon is located just outside Cortez, Colorado. Follow Hwy 160 through downtown Cortez; bear right (north) on Hwy 491 (old Hwy 666). Follow Hwy 491 (old Hwy 666) north about 1.5 miles, staying in left lane. Watch for Crow Canyon sign on the right side of the highway. Turn left (west) on Road L. Drive about 1 mile (watch for Crow Canyon sign). Turn left onto Road 23. In about 1 mile, Road 23 curves to the left and turns into Road K, which in turn becomes Crow Canyon's driveway.

Teachers corner


Crow Canyon offers school group programs for grades 4 through 12, and a one-week course for educators. At Crow Canyon, we believe that the goal of education is to give students the intellectual tools they need to explore the world and think critically. We also believe the optimal educational environment encourages students to actively participate in the learning process. Visit our Web site for more information or to check out our online teacher resources.

Can I get one of those?


The Crow Canyon Gift Shop offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, and vests; hats and caps; authentic American Indian jewelry; mugs; archaeologist trowels; water bottles; sunscreen; sundries; disposable cameras; batteries; books; and posters.

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When can we go?

Monday 8am–5pm Tuesday 8am–5pm Wednesday 8am–5pm Thursday 8am–5pm Friday 8am–5pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

Spring, Summer, Fall

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