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Museums in Salt Lake City, UT

Don't be put off kids - Salt Lake City isn’t covered in salt!  It’s named after the very awesome Bonneville Salt Flats, which an incredibly unique natural feature in the state!

The great attractions of Salt Lake City don’t stop there either! If you have creative, active kids, they will just LOVE the interactive experiences in the city - including the Leonardo (with science and technology based interactive exhibits) and the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum (with interactive exhibits where they can create and play!)

If kids want to spend some time making friends with animals, they have super fun options! From Hogle Zoo spread out over 42 acres, to Tracy Aviary with over 130 species of birds! This mountain lined city also has 1.3 MILLION acres of beautiful national forest to explore, with Wastach-Cache National Forest. How amazing is that!

Historic farms, fun indoor play, family-friendly games…and an incredible view!

Sounds like a great family day out to us!

Salt Lake City Attractions Map

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