Fort Seward Covered Wagon Train

Jamestown, ND

Where are we going?

Fort Seward Covered Wagon Train
602 10th Ave NW
ND 58401

701 424 3744

What is there to do?

There is something iconic about that covered wagon in North Dakota, and with Fort Seward Covered Wagon Train you can experience this history for your very selves!

The wagon train fun is normally held in June, and begins in the historic city of Jamestown. They LOVE having families, kids, and individuals from all walks of life, and they only have one pre-requisite. You have to really enjoy camping and the outdoors!

Well, we certainly do, and we think you might too!

The Fort Seward Covered Wagon Train is an experience, so they come with a whole range of activities! There are history talks for kids to really immerse themselves in the stories that have happened right under their own feet. There is camping, nature lore, and even saddle horses are welcome if you want to bring your own (but you don't have to!)

Are you in for a treat! You begin the first morning enjoying a lovely breakfast, and begin your Pioneer adventure.

Throughout the week, you will travel to a number of points of interest, starting from Jamestown and heading about 15 miles a day. Across the week, you will experience 75 to 85 miles of historic sites, and you get to hear all about the past en route!

Every evening, you will enjoy that family fun around the campfire. What an amazing experience out under the North Dakota plains! There are stories to be told, skits to tell, and jokes to enjoy, before you head back to your tent for the evening.

The Fort Seward Covered Wagon Train is an amazing experience for the family and the kids. It’s unique to this part of the USA, and something that everyone should embrace!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $450

Children: $300


When can we go?

Phone weekdays 9am to 12 noon

One week in June ONLY!


Any top tips?

You need a tent as campers aren't allowed. But they provide the plates, cups and plastic silverware.

I’m Hungry!

Don't worry, you won't go hungry! And everyone messes in, with meal and duties assigned to everyone on a chart. And the food is tasty!

Healthy Eating

You can bring your favorite snacks! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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