Frontier Village

Jamestown, ND

Where are we going?

Frontier Village
1701 3rd Ave SE
ND 58401


What is there to do?

Step back in history to a time when the cowboys roamed the streets, and the saloon doors swung! That's right - we're back in the old west!

The Frontier Village is a very cool historical attraction, that has taken original buildings from other frontier villages across the state, and brought them all together to create an entirely new village. Here, you can experience what it would have really been like to live in the Old West!

There are all sorts of buildings to be explored! From the train depot, to the post office, church, and even a one-room school house.

How does it compare to your school now? We bet it's pretty different! (There was no texting or proms back in the Old West!)

The Frontier Village is history come back to life, with antiques and artifacts within the buildings to give kids a realistic experience where they can use their imagination. You can't have the Wild West without those iconic stage coaches, so why not take a Stage Coach ride (or a pony ride!) where you can really feel the part.

What else does the Old West have? That's right - shoot outs! Check the events calendar for when they happen, because it will really immerse the family in all the antics of the past.

What else do you associate with the days of the frontier plains? Buffalo? Got it in one! The Frontier Village is also home to the World's Largest Buffalo (don't worry, it's a concrete structure not a real one!) that has stood over the town since 1959. It weighs 60 tons, so it's pretty huge! 

Of course, with a buffalo statue comes real buffalo, so kids will get excited over seeing the real life herd of buffalo in the area. There are about 30 buffalo, as well as three albinos (Have you ever seen a white buffalo before!?)

Yee haw! A wild west family day out all for you! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free, but donation suggested. Stagecoach and pony rides $5

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

If you need wheelchair access, just give them a call to see what there is for you!


When can we go?

9am - 9pm Memorial Day to Labor Day. 7pm close rest of year

All year round, except stage coach and pony rides Memorial to Labor day only


I’m Hungry!

They have a General Store which has a limited menu for lunch. The RSVP+ Dakota Store and the National Buffalo Museum gift shop offer snacks.

Healthy Eating

You can always carry some healthy snacks and bottled water with you just in case you get peckish! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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