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Fun things to do in the Poconos with Families

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This guide gives you all the tips you need for spending time with your family in the Poconos.

Going on a vacation with family and friends will not just rejuvenate your mind and soul but also strengthens your bond with your loved ones. And what better place to spend time with your family than Poconos. It is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations near Poconos, Pennsylvania. Poconos offers plentiful outdoor & indoor activities, which you and your family can enjoy.

Here is my list of things you must try with your family and friends on your vacation to Poconos.

Poconos Zipline:  Get ready to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Poconos landscape on a zipline, and hail the gush of winds with an open arm.  If you have never experienced a zipline tour before, then this is the best place to start your adventure. Fly over the vast canopies and the tributaries of Poconos and embrace the rising adrenaline.

Hiking:  You will never find a better activity than hiking to strengthen your family bonding. A stroll through the mesmerising woods and breathing fresh air away from the hustle & bustle of the city is something you can’t miss when in Poconos. Take your little ones on this adventurous journey and develop an ever-lasting relationship with nature.  

Fishing: If you like fishing, then this can be a great way to spend some memorable time with your family members.  With an abundance of water bodies, Poconos are a hotspot for those who love fishing as it provides a great opportunity to hook and cook your favourite fish from those crystal clear rivers, tributaries, and lakes that stock native fish such as largemouth, smallmouth bass, trout, catfish and more.  Lake Wallenpaupack, Promised Land State Park, Brady’s Lake and Hidden Lake are some of the spots wherein you can fancy your luck.

Escape rooms:  This is one of the most interesting ways to spend your family vacation, a real-life adventure.  Work together with your family and friends to solve the puzzles and break free before the time runs out. Pocono offers some of the best escape rooms, so do not forget to give your vacation some scream and laugh this time.

Paintball: This is another awesome outdoor activity on offer in Poconos where you can take your family and friends for an adventurous, fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping day out. Destination Earth Paintball, Paintball Asylum, and Skirmish Paintball Field are some of the best paintball fields in Poconos. So, gear up, make your team for the action-packed terrain where enemies are lurking to ambush you!

Kalahari Resorts Indoor Water Park: A wonderful place to stitch memories with friends and family members. Kalahari Water Park is a 220,000 sq. feet indoor water park and it is the largest indoor water park in America. With a plethora of entertainment means and kid-friendly themes, this family-friendly resort is something you and your kid(s) will cherish forever.

Snow tubing:  This is one of the best winter activities that guarantee to put tons of smiles on your face. It requires neither practice before riding or special skills, nor fancy equipment and gears. Just hop on, ride the inner tube, and let the gravity do its thing.  The fun factors involved in this make it an ideal winter activity for kids and adults alike. Whether you are 5 or 70 years old, everyone loves a little jolly ride down the hill.

Ski and snowboarding: With stunning picturesque and winter moors, Pocono offers thousands of acres of skiable terrains with deep snow and perfect slopes to explore. Your winter vacation at Poconos is incomplete without experiencing this, as it is one of the most popular pastimes. There are several good ski resorts wherein you can experience the real thrill with snow on the mountainside, but if I have to name a few,  I’ll go with Jack Frost Big Boulder, Blue Mountain Resort, and Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

Snowmobiling: Embrace the winter time and immerse yourself in the landscape of Poconos. One of the best ways to experience the cold and chilly trails of Poconos is by snowmobiling. Some of the best snowmobile trails on offer in the Poconos area are the Lehigh Gorge State Park trail, Promised Land State Park trail, and Hickory Run State Park trail. So, strap on your safety gear and get ready to race with the winds.

Winter Eagle watching: Upper Delaware is a very unique and popular place to watch the mighty Bald Eagles as they migrate to this region which offers warmer open water and provides abundant resources essential for their survival. So, shake out from your comfy cabins and watch these magnificent creatures rule the sky.

These are some of the best activities to do in Poconos on your vacation but are not limited to. Poconos are the cradle of mesmerising terrain, mountain, waterfalls, and picturesque landscape, thus giving you another great reason to be in Poconos with family and friends.

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