Tips for a Great Halloween with Kids!

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It's that SPOOKY time of year again, which means get those candy bags ready, we're going TRICK OR TREATING!

Halloween is a time where kids imaginations can run wild. They can make new friends, immerse themselves in dressing up and role playing fun, and well yes, eat a lot of sugar (much to many parents horror!)

All kids are different, so each experience is unique. Some kids may be shy, some kids may run the neighborhood.

Everyone has their own family traditions with it comes to Halloween, but here are some of our favorite tips for enjoying this All Hallows Eve with the little ones!


Whether you have lived in your street all their lives, or just moving to a new neighbourhood, take some time to draw a map of the area so they are familiar with the surroundings. It's also a good idea to mark boundaries where they can safely walk, and the places they know not to venture.

The day before, walk with them around the streets noted in their "safe zone", so you can be sure they understand it. Kids are also visual learners, so add key markings on the map that they will recognise. The big blue house on the corner, the slightly wonky letterbox, the road sign starting with their favorite letter.


Why not use Halloween to start teaching kids the importance of sharing. Before they go out for the night, allow them to choose a percentage of their candy that they want to donate to a good cause. Then, as they scour the neighbourhood collecting the goodies, they will know that they are also collecting for others too, instilling invaluable morals into them.


Some towns and neighbourhoods might already instil a curfew on the trick of treaters, but if they don't set one yourself. Also, get your kids to check in every hour on the hour, and give them a reward for doing it. Perhaps they are allowed two pieces of candy every check in, or a small gold coin. This way you can always ensure you have regular contact.


Speaking of regular contact, walkies talkies are the world's greatest invention for kids! Give them a set (even better if their outfit matches it!) and you have a set, and whatever the range that the walkie talkie can manage, that is their trick or treating radius. If they can't hear you, they are too far away, and they know to move closer to home.

It can also be a fun game you can play if you get into character. Maybe you are police out on the job, trying to find the house with the most delicious candy!


With technology these days, keeping tabs on kids is becoming much easier. Place a smart phone on them somewhere they won't lose it, and keep it on. Then, you can monitor their location through the Find My Phone app, and then phone them if they are going too far away for your liking.


Keep the family celebrating together with a fun theme! It might be Star Wars, Marvel, the letter P, ghosts, zombies....have a movie and pizza night in early October to all get inspiration, brainstorm, and start thinking about what you can do together. That will also get the kids into the spooky spirit and really start looking forward to October 31!

Do YOU have any great ideas or tips for Halloween fun with the kids? Comment below, and don't forget, HAVE A GREAT, SAFE TIME!!!

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