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The Best Outdoor Winter Activities for Families Around the World  

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Experience the thrill of playing amidst the stunning snowy landscapes with our guide to the best outdoor winter activities for families. From husky sledging in Finland to ski biking in Slovenia, we explore the top spots worldwide for families to bond over winter sports. Discover family-friendly resorts, play in the snow, and soak up the charming winter wonderlands to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

So, let this guide inspire your next winter escapade with the family.

Husky Sledding in Finland

With abundant snowfall, pristine landscapes, and well-maintained facilities, Finland offers excellent opportunities for families to bond over outdoor winter activities. One of the most thrilling activities to try in Finland is husky sledding, offering an exhilarating adventure through pristine Arctic landscapes. 

husky sledding

During your sledding adventure, you can mush a team of eager huskies or ride as passengers while expert guides lead the way. In destinations like Lapland, you could be lucky to witness the magical Northern Lights illuminating the snow-covered forests during twilight rides - an experience you will never forget! These activities also offer opportunities to learn about husky care, training, and the unique bond between mushers and dogs.

You can choose from various sledding adventures, ranging from short excursions to multi-day expeditions, catering to different skill levels and preferences. Along the trails, immerse in the silence of the wilderness, taking in the beauty of Finland's vast snowy expanses. 

Husky sledding in Finland is a fun activity for families with adventurous kids, offering an exciting outdoor winter adventure that allows everyone to bond with nature and wildlife.

snowboardingSnowboarding in Montenegro

While Montenegro does not often come up on the list of top winter destinations, its mountainous regions offer opportunities for enjoying outdoor winter sports, such as snowboarding in Kolašin. Since it's not as popular as the other European destinations, you can have a great time with your loved ones without worrying about the tourist crowd.

Home to the Kolašin 1450 ski resort, Montenegro's prime destination for winter sports is Kolašin. The family-friendly resort features slopes suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders. With its relatively compact size, Kolašin 1450 provides a safe and convenient environment for families to enjoy winter sports. In addition, the resort is home to ski schools with certified instructors who offer lessons tailored to different age groups and abilities.

Aside from snowboarding, families can engage in other winter sports, such as sledding, snowshoeing, and scenic chairlift rides. Montenegro's affordability compared to other European ski destinations makes it an attractive option for families seeking a budget-friendly winter getaway without compromising safety and quality.

So, if you're looking for a unique place to visit for your next winter getaway, consider snowboarding in Montenegro. Aside from safety and affordability, Montenegro boasts breathtaking natural scenery, making it a fantastic place for families to create cherished memories in winter.

french ski resortSkiing in France

Home to world-class ski resorts with breathtaking alpine landscapes, France is an excellent destination for a ski holiday with the family. Some of the country's most family-friendly resorts include Les Gets, La Plagne, and Les Arcs. They cater specifically to families, boasting a welcoming atmosphere and child-friendly amenities. Guests can also discover luxury ski chalets in France, providing an excellent place for the whole family to stay during your trip. 

Many of the resorts in France have ski schools and dedicated learning zones to ensure a safe and supportive environment for children to take their first turns on the slopes. In addition, some resorts offer childcare services, allowing parents to explore more challenging terrain with peace of mind.

Aside from skiing, you can enjoy other activities like sledding, ice skating, and snowshoeing. Some resorts have indoor swimming pools, kids' clubs, and entertainment programs to keep children engaged away from the slopes.

France's renowned culinary scene makes your family holiday more special, with slopeside restaurants offering delicious meals and cosy après-ski gatherings for the whole family to enjoy. 

Snowshoeing in Slovakia

Slovakia is another unique destination for outdoor winter activities with the family. It offers plenty of opportunities to discover the country's breathtaking winter landscapes in a fun and exhilarating way. With its vast mountain ranges, including the High Tatras and Low Tatras, Slovakia has numerous trails perfect for snowshoeing adventures.

Adventurous adults and kids can embark on guided snowshoeing tours led by expert local guides who can also share insights about the region's natural beauty and cultural heritage. These tours cater to various fitness levels and ages, ensuring every family member can participate.

Snowshoeing is a low-impact activity that requires minimal equipment and allows families with kids to immerse in the tranquillity of Slovakia's snow-covered forests, meadows, and alpine vistas. Children can play at the winter wonderland and admire the scenery around them while parents are busy with outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Slovakia's winter climate is generally mild, with temperatures conducive to outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for families with little kids. In addition, the affordability of Slovakia compared to other European countries makes it an attractive option for families seeking budget-friendly winter adventures without compromising on quality or scenery.


Ski Biking in Slovenia

Slovenia has well-developed ski resorts like Kranjska Gora, Vogel, and Mariborsko Pohorje, making it an ideal destination for a family winter getaway. Surrounded by picturesque Alpine scenery, these resorts offer excellent opportunities for enjoying outdoor winter sports, such as ski biking.

Ski biking is an exhilarating and unique way to experience Slovenia's stunning alpine landscapes during winter. Also known as snow biking, this activity involves riding specially designed bikes equipped with skis instead of wheels down snowy slopes. Families can enjoy the thrill of downhill descents while easily manoeuvring through snow-covered terrain.

Many of Slovenia's ski resorts provide opportunities for adventurous families to try ski biking. With rental options and designated trails, even beginners can get the hang of ski biking under the guidance of professional instructors.

Ski biking is a fun outdoor winter sport, ideal for families seeking a unique winter adventure beyond skiing and snowboarding. Its relatively low learning curve makes it an appealing option for families with kids.

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