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Fun New Years Resolution Ideas For Kids!

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Enjoy our fun ideas for New Years Resolutions with the Family on Family Days Out!

The New Years Resolution has always been a "love them or hate them" experience. Love them because they motivate us into the New Year, making that list of all those things we want to achieve, excited for a new start. Hate them because you write your list and by the end of January they've been broken already (hey, it happens to us all!)

But what about kids on New Years? As a family, do you tend to write your resolutions together? Do they get involved? If they don't, there's no reason you all can't start now!

So here are some super fun ways to get kids enjoying their own New Years Resolution Ideas - if you have any more suggestions to add, comment below! We'd love to hear from you!

The Note Jar

Grab a jar for each member of the household. Then, everyone sits around at dinner on December 31st (a pizza night is always fun!), and then you take it in turns to write your new years resolution. Say it out loud as you write it, because if you do, there is more chance of you sticking with it!

Write as many as you like too!

Wheel Of Resolutions

Most of us will know the fun game Wheel of Fortune. Why not play it at home, but this time it's the wheel choosing your resolutions! As a family, decide on a number of resolutions which are appropriate for everyone. Then, if you have something like a Twister board (or the good old spin the bottle days!), grab an item to spin, with the resolutions all laid out around in a circle.

Everyone takes it in turns to spin the item, landing on a resolution that is then yours for the year! (There's no swapping either!)

Secret Santa Resolution

Just what it says in the name! Write the name of each family member on a piece of paper, and pop it in a jar (or holiday stocking, whatever you fancy!). Each family member pulls out a name (if it's your own, you choose another one!)

Don't tell anyone else who you have! Then, you have to think of a resolution for them, and write that and THEIR name on another piece of paper.

At the end, the resolutions are read out, and then you have your resolution!

(We love these ones too because it takes the pressure of coming up with your own!)

And what kind of resolutions might be fun for kids? Here are some of our ideas - feel free to add your own!

- Learn an instrument

- Learn a language

- Make a new friend

- Do something nice once a month for someone else

- Donate to a charity

- Read a classic book

- Go without sugar / fast food for a month

- Visit a new country

- Cook for the family once a month

Let kids be creative! Suggest resolutions that will build up their character, allow them to learn new skills, and get them off the computers and out into nature!

It's 2022 soon, so let's make the most of it!

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Lisa Downs

Lisa has been a content writer for Family Days Out for nearly 10 years, and a keen travel writer for nearly 20. She loves experiencing the best of a city, discovering the many things to do and immersing herself in the culture, and sharing these experiences with others through her writing.

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