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Top 5 Food Festivals in the USA!

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If your bellies are rumbling you might want to check out our latest blog on the Top 5 Food Festivals in the USA!

We don't know about you, but our bellies are rumbling so we wanted to celebrate with highlighting our Top 5 Food Festivals in the USA!

It's no secret that America produces some of the most incredible flavors and dishes you might ever try - from the most succluent BBQ to those fried MidWay treats, and dishes that reflect the incredible melting pot of cultures that make the country so great.

So join us as we explore our Top 5 Food Festivals in the USA and we will be very surprised if your mouths aren't watering by the end of it!

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1. Taste of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

The Taste of Chicago (known to locals just as "The Taste") is free admission and takes place across June and July. It's also the world's largest free admission food festival! So with that accolade, there's no excuse not to visit.

Located in Grant Park (and other locations) on the lakefront, this iconic festival has been operating for over 40 years and will just overwhelm you with the amount of flavors you can enjoy - from the best of Chicago to the best of the world.

To enjoy the incredible range of food that Taste of Chicago offers across the various pop ups and vendors, you can buy a strip of tickets and it's these tickets that you can use to grab some bite size pieces or enjoy full meals.

To top it all off (like deliciously melted cheese on a mouthwatering dog), Taste of Chicago also host some of the best musical artists in concert for you to enjoy! Past headliners include Jennifer Hudson, Buddy Guy and Billy Idol!

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2. Windy City Smokeout (Chicago, IL)

It's not that the ONLY food festivals are in Chicago, but you can't overlook the city for being one of the best for food, which is why we had to include the Windy City Smokeout on this list. 

Held over one weekend in summer, the Windy City Smokeout is one of the largest BBQ events across the entire country, with competitions with the best pitmasters across the country, some of the best BBQ you will ever taste and live concerts with some of the biggest country music stars around.

You can enjoy the event with general admission tickets, or splash our on VIP or Super VIP - with the prices for single day Super VIP not totally unreasonable for what you get.

Also, on the Sunday keep an eye out for the Bottomless BBQ Brunch! For $50 it's all you can eat mouthwatering BBQ and not to be missed!

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Image Credit: Windy City Smokeout

3. Eat Drink SF (San Francisco, CA)

Anyone who visits San Francisco, always comes back talking about the food. If you haven't been, second to the Golden Gate Bridge the food might just be a reason to visit!

Luckily for you, the Eat Drink SF festival highlights all of these flavours across its 10 day festival, where ticketed dining experiences can introduce you to some of the best restaurants in the city.

Not like a contemporary festival with crowds, food trucks and music, the Eat Drink SF Festival is where local restaurants can register to be part of the festival. Keep an eye on the full list of participating restaurants as they offer great deals on menus from multi-course offers, to meal kits and family style experiences!

Why not visit the festival and only try dishes you have never tried before - what an exprience for kids that would be! Go on, you know you want to!

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Image Credit: Eat Drink SF

4. Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (Orlando, FL)

Take the tour across 6 continents all in one day at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival! This popular and very family-friendly event runs from mid-July to early November, and allows you to really taste your way around the world, without having to leave Florida!

Kids can experience flavors of some incredible dishes (including plenty of burgers too, don't worry!) - American, Chinese, Greek, African, French, Italian, Japanese....even sushi! They might just be introduced for their new favorite food.

Also at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival you'll find plenty of live entertainment featuring some really great music, as well as fun activities for kids such as a Ratatouille-inspired adventure where kids of all ages can search for the cheeky Remy on a savory scavenger hunt around the Festival!

What's also great about the festival is that you're at Epcot! Which also means Walt Disney World and all that iconic Florida family fun!

Image Credit: The Walt Disney World Co.

5. LA Food Fest (Los Angeles, CA)

LA Food Fest describes itself as an "adventure park or music festival for foodies" - and that's the perfect description for it!

This popular family friendly festival was the first of its kind in Los Angeles, and was born as the LA Street Food Fest downtown back in February 2010.

What's really fun about LA Food Fest is you can have a little taste of everything. Grab a box and fill it with the crunchiest tacos, or head on over to the Ice Cream Social to get that sweet fix. Try some of the most mouthwatering and succulent pulled pork or pick up a vegan delight.

You can enjoy your food in the picnic area, before capturing the memories in their photo booth!

There is also a VIP area that you can enjoy if you fancy splurging a little more. (Parents, there is also a cocktail lounge and wine garden for you too!)

This one day only festival in June is definitely one to watch!

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Image Credit: LA Food Fest

With the world slowly emerging from the past two years, festivals are starting to make a come back. Local businesses can once again get out and share their products so food festivals are a great way to support these businesses and help communities get back on their feet.

So keep an eye out on which festivals are starting to come back into force in 2022 and beyond, and make sure you head out on an empty stomach!

Do you have any food festivals you think should be on this list? Comment below and share the food love!

Tuck in!

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