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Rock Climbing For Kids....

Rock Climbing For Kids....
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It's not a sport that you might think of as being kid friendly, but rock climbing is one of the best sports around to keep those kids active!

Worried about the idea of kids hanging off the side of incredibly large and steep cliffs? Don’t be! That’s where indoor rock climbing comes in. If you’ve never considered it before - keep reading, because we’re here to tell you why it’s amazing! Indoor rock climbing has a number of elements to it, perfect for all ages and levels, which means even if your 4-year-old has never seen a rock climbing wall they can join in.

The best level for the little kids is an activity called “bouldering”. Bouldering is done on a very low hanging wall - so low to the ground in the fact that ropes aren’t necessary.  Kids just make their way along the wall using the colored hand and footholds, which are directly above a soft padded mat. It’s incredibly safe, and a great way for them to start to get the feel of the wall.

For the older kids, they could try their hand at the actual rock climbing walls. Some get up to 40 feet high and have fun obstacles, like overhangs (Just like in Cliffhanger - only not as difficult!) Safety is very important with rock climbing, and kids won’t be allowed onto the walls without having first done the basic training. Every rock climbing center also offers extended introductory classes where kids can learn the basic techniques and safety - from lead climbing to belaying.

Perfect if they really love the sport and want to improve quickly. Then the fun begins! Kids can strap into their harness, and with an adult belaying (kids under 12 won’t be allowed to belay) they can begin the climb! (Belaying is whereas the climber gets higher, the belayer on the ground constantly feeds the rope through his or her harness to ensure the rope of the climber is as short as possible - so if they let go they won’t have far to fall!)

Climbing walls can look quite messy and confusing (but very pretty with all the colors!), but we guarantee they’re not! The routes are color coordinated by difficulty, which helps when you are faced with a see of holds all stuck to the wall in front of you! It also means that when kids perfect one route, they can “up” the color and see themselves progressing. It’s great for their confidence and self-esteem! Climbing is a great way for kids to keep fit and active, and make new friends. Because it’s often a two-person activity, it’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Rock ’n’ roll!

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