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The Base Indoor Baseball and Softball El Paso

Where is it at?

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The Base Indoor Baseball and Softball
6801 Commerce Ave
El Paso
Tel: 915 781 2299

Where are we going today?

Ever dreamt about being out on that baseball diamond and hitting that home run for the world series?

Head to The Base where it's all things softball and baseball - and get started! The Base is a great place to go with those active kids who want to keep healthy, or really get stuck into a new sport!

If it's the home runs you are after, then head to the batting cages. The Base have 9 batting cages in total, and with the full range of speeds you can see yourself improving with every swing! Perhaps eventually you might be able to really hit the home run with the fastest speed.

Don't worry - it's completely safe! They have a protective A-Screen as well as a batting tee. If you prefer, you can use the Iron Mike pitching machines which are perfect for those fast pitches in softball, and baseball.

If you are REALLY doing well, the cages have a moveable screen so you can push them back to really create a huge practice area - maybe even combine two screens. Perfect for multiple players or team practicing! 

They have everything - from the balls to the bats and helmets - you just bring yourselves! 

From batting to pitching, The Base have three regulation size pitching tunnels, and all three that they have are equipped with clay mounds. They also have two baseball tunnels which have moveable mounds perfect for those little pitchers in the family! 

As the kids develop that taste for the sports, whether they are new to it or far along, The Base offer lessons, with the kind of instructors that they need to move up in their new found love!

Are you ready to head on up to the World Series? We think you just might be! Batter up!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsBatting cages from $10 for 15 minutes.
  • ChildrenSame as adult.

When can we go?

Weekdays 4pm - 9pm / Weekends 12pm - 6pm

All year round.

Teachers corner

They do offer group lessons, so why not get the kids out of the school and try something to enhance their baseball and softball talents! .

Any Top Tips?

They have camps for those kids who really take liking to the sport! .

Doing our bit

They are all about safety so you can set machines to as high or low speed as you like. Plus they have all the safety nets and cages you need. .

Need a little extra help?

If you do need extra help or have special needs, just give them a call before you arrive to see what assistance they can give you! .

More information

They supply everything - from the bats, helmets and kit - you just bring the excitement and fun! .

What people are saying?

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    We stopped by a while back and the one thing we wont forget is how friendly and helpful the staff was. The facility itself was great. The equipment functioned perfectly and the experience was very enjoyable. A must for all you baseball and softball enthusiasts.

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    Nice spot for the girls to get some indoor work and instruction.

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    great place to work on hitting and outfielding

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