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About The BLOC Climbing and Fitness

Rock climbing is one of those sports that you don't really hear many people talk about, but when they do, they LOVE it.  And when you try for the first time, you realize why they love it. That's what BLOC Climbing and Fitness is all about!

It's perfect for kids from a young age, and it really develops their coordination, balance, techniques and strength.  They can start with the soft maps and the low bouldering grips, where they don't need ropes, they are only a few inches off the ground if need be.  And then as they develop, they realize how far they've come - they see routes that they couldn't do when they first arrived, and now can complete it without any problems.

There is a great sense of achievement with rock climbing, and a personal program they can monitor themselves. 

BLOC climbing + fitness have over 7,000 square feet of top of the range bouldering walls, as well as auto-belays, and tread walls - but not only that, it has another 13,000 square feet of fitness facilities and activities such as yoga! 

For those budding climbers under 12, you will need to climb with a responsible adult, but really kids of any age can climb. 

If you're a little unsure because it's your first time, then you can pick up a group lesson package where you learn the basics of techniques and how to climb.

If there's a group of you and you want something super cool. from 8pm - 8am (no we didn't get those the wrong way around!) you can do the "Lock in" where you get the entire facility to yourself!  Pretty amazing!

Happy climbing! 

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How much does it cost?

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Adults $12

Children $9 for kids under 12, $12 first time lesson. $6 rental.

Free Under 12 with membership

Last Update 2022

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The BLOC Climbing and Fitness FAQ’s

Doing our bit

They are all about safety, so you can be sure that the lovely staff are all there to help - and they are experienced!

Any top tips when visiting?

They offer training and introduction courses to help you with your technique

Does The BLOC Climbing and Fitness have a gift shop?

They sell sticker, t-shirts and other fun items, as well as all your pro climbing gear

Teachers corner

They offer off-hour morning field trips for school groups wanting to expand their physical education lessons

Does The BLOC Climbing and Fitness have healthy eating or Vegan options?

It never hurts to take water with you!

Is The BLOC Climbing and Fitness fully accessible?

If you do have special needs, just give them a call to see what assistance they can give you!