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Palisades Climb Adventure West Nyack

Where is it at?

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Palisades Climb Adventure
4590 Palisades Center Drive
West Nyack
Tel: 845-727-3500


They are located on level 4 of the Palisades Center - which is 4590 Palisades Center Drive in West Nyack, NY.

There is free parking there too!

Where are we going today?

Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course is THE tallest ropes course in the world - the WORLD!  That's pretty impressive!

Standing at 85 feet tall, this course is available all year round and is a great challenge for those adventurous families and little ones over 42".

Never climbed before?  No problem?  You're so good you're like a monkey ninja in those ropes? They've got you covered! The course is specially designed with every physical fitness level in mind - with 5 levels to work your way up on.

There are varying degrees of difficulty and design as you navigate the 75 different challenge elements, including the trembling tremor bridge, a nerve wracking tension traverse, a vertical rope ladder, the challenging two line rope bridge and an alternating spaghetti hand line!  It sounds hard work! But we know you can do it....!

There are balance beams, tight ropes, loops and bridges to test those core muscles, balance and coordination - and you can push your strength and ability as far as you want to!

Feeling a little nervous about being up so high?  There's no need to worry because safety is their top concern (that and you having FUN!) so every climber will have a seat and chest harness connected to a cable that will keep you right on track.  You can't exit the disconnect yourself from the ropes until you exit the course, which means there's no way of falling!  That also means you can take that big breath and make those extra leaps you might not normally.  Push yourself, and get that great sense of achievement! 

If you are 42" you have to climb with an adult, unless you have a sudden growth spurt of 6" the day before, then you can participate alone! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$16.99
  • Children$16.99 (ages 4 - 12)

When can we go?

Mon - Thurs 2pm - 9pm / Friday 2pm - 10pm / Sat 11am - 10pm / Sunday 11am - 7pm

365 days a year!

Teachers corner

They are happy too have youth groups and school trips visit - what a great way for students to keep active! A minimum of 15 people is needed, and they have two different lesson plans for two age groups - amazing! .

Any Top Tips?

There is a maximum weight limit of 300lbs, and maximum height is 80", so just worth noting. .

Doing our bit

Safety is very important for the center, and do their best to ensure all equipment is regularly checked and of the highest standard. All of the staff are well trained in case of emergencies also! .

Need a little extra help?

You do need to be mobile to use their equipment, but if you are ever in doubt, just give them a call before hand and explain the situation and they will do their best to help out. .

More information

No skirts or dresses permitted on the ropes course - comfortable clothes are best! Closed shoes are also required. .

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    The one guy Danny has been to jail for drugs and now he is around kids all day. Way to do back ground checks.

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