Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum

Fairfield, CT

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Address: 4450 Park Ave, Fairfield, CT 06825, USA Number: 203 690-1717 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Have you ever watched a monkey make it's way through the trees and wished you could have that same experience? Well, at Adventure Park at Discovery Museum, you can get pretty close!

Adventure Park at Discovery Museum is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has a whopping 11 "treetop trails" that kids can tackle, which consist of about 180 platforms installed through all of the trees, and connected by cables, ropes and wood which form "crossings".

Don't worry parents, it's safe! All of the climbers wear safety harnesses which will take them through all of the courses safely.

When you arrive, everyone will receive an orientation in what to expect, and how to take on the course safely. Then, you're off! All of the trails are designed for self-discovery, so you don't need lessons, you just trail it for yourselves! It's the best way to learn!

The great thing about Adventure Park at Discovery Museum is that the trails are color coded, which means that you will be able to pick what is perfect for you based on the color which represents difficult.

Anyone from the age of 5 is able to challenge themselves. Those aged 5 and 6 can use the purple course with the supervision of an adult...and from then on kids it's all up to you! 

The courses are also designed for everyone's ability, from beginner to experienced. You can just climb at your own pace. Then, as you conquer a course, you can move up to something a bit more difficult. The harder courses require you to have more balance, focus and agility.

Adventure Park is 5 acres of family fun, so why not challenge yourself and see if you can complete the course in record time! 

Have a great time all future Tarzan and Janes of the jungle!

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How much does it cost?



$53 (for 3 hours)



$39 - $48 (for 3 hours)



"Last Call Climb" for over 7s - $29 - $36


Free Under

6 years


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Parking is free, but park to the left as you enter the parking lot.

Any top tips?


Check the times and the weather before you do as they are subject to change

I'm Hungry!


Wraps and Rolls is a great place to pick up lunch or snacks - but cash only!

Healthy Eating Their food is healthy so don't you worry! You can also bring your own food

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They offer group rates but there are limited spaces so make sure you call ahead and book! A great way for those students to get active!

Need a little extra help?


You do need to be able to hold yourself on the ropes, and climb up and down. If in doubt, just give them a call!

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When can we go?

Times vary on the season so check before you go

All year round

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