Lakeside Pottery Ceramic School and Studio

Stamford, CT

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Address: 543 Newfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06905, USA Number: 203-323-2222 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Who's potty for pots!?  Our favorite part is feeling the squelch of the clay between our fingers as we create our masterpieces!  Well...we think they are masterpieces.  We're sure yours will be much better!

Lakeside Pottery Ceramics school and studio is a great way for the whole family to get creative and learn the art of pottery.  

They hold a great range of classes for any age, any levels.  Fancy a spin on the pottery wheel?  Then the Pottery Wheel beginners and advanced classes might be for you.

Or perhaps you want to try hand building and sculpting?  That's always fun!

These courses come in 8 week packages for you to really hone your craft, but they also offer 1 time classes if you want to just experience it for the day, and see how you like it.  You never know - you might be a natural!

If kids really love it and want to come back, and parents want 2 hours a week extra to catch up on life, then you can enrol your child into their Thursday after school classes, from 4:15pm - 6:15pm.   Here they will learn how to use the potters wheel, understand hand building techniques, have fun with glazes and really get to explore their creative side. 

For kids aged 8 - 13 they can choose to enrol in one of their fun summer camps which will maximise their exploration into the creative pottery world and give them a sense of achievement. (7 year olds will be considered for this, so don't feel like you might have to wait until you're the big number 8!)

Get potty!

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$75-$365 depending on the class or course.



$75-$365 depending on the class or course.



Discounts offered for the 8 week courses over the one time experience


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If you really loved it and would love to bring your potty friends, then you can hold your birthday party there. Instructors will teach your friends just as you were taught, so they can learn all the basics too! Then, the lovely staff with fire (that means "cook" in pottery terms!) your creations and you will have them shortly after the party to keep!

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Get your creative hands ready and head to 543 Newfield Ave in Stamford, CT.

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