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Address: 199 Totowa Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470, USA Number: 973 696-1776 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Did you know that the headquarters used by George Washington during the Revolution was actually a Georgian building in Preakness Valley? You wouldn't think by looking at this small mansion that it would have such an important role to play in American history...but it did, and now you can visit it!

Dey Mansion is an amazing example of Georgian architecture, and was built in the mid 1700s by a Dutch planter, so you can see the Dutch influence in it. See kids, the learning will start before you even step foot in the mansion!

It was during three months in 1780 that the great George Washington used it, and has been used by a few organizations ever since!

Now, families just like yours can experience history first hand, because Dey Mansion itself, as well as replica outbuildings such as a Plantation House and a Blacksmith Shop, the grounds and the colonial style gardens. There are even herb and vegetable gardens that you can enjoy!

There's lots of exploring to do!

The mansion itself is decorated in period furnishings, so it really helps kids use their imagination and really feel what life during that really important era would have been like. Even thr younger kids will get something out of it!

Keep an eye out on their events too, because across the year they have fascinating and fun events like military reenactments, festivals and concerts. Pretty cool! 

So get ready to step back in time at this fascianting part of American history - suitable for all ages!

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The tour hours are 1pm - 4pm Wed to Friday, and 10am - 12pm / 1pm - 4pm on weekends.

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There are picnic areas on the grounds so why not bring your own lunch and enjoy an amazing time out in the sun!

Healthy Eating It never hurts to have healthy options and water to keep that energy up!

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They love having tours, and whilst there aren't formal school programs, there are materials that they can provide for extra information when you're on the regular tours. Make sure you reserve at least 2 weeks ahead of time

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Unfortunately the site isn't handicapped accessible

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8:30am - 4:30pm Wed to Sunday. Tours specific times during open hours

All year round.

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