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Kern County Museum
3801 Chester Ave
Tel: 661-437-3330

Where are we going today?

If you have lived in Kern County, or just passing through, you might never realize the extent of the history in the area....and just how fascinating it really is!

That is where the Kern County Museum comes in, because they were created to tell the story of this amazing region in California, through artifacts and historic buildings!

The museum was founded all the way back in 1941, and since then has created a learning environment for all who visit. In fact, the museum has actually been collecting artifacts since all the way back in 1928!

Kids can learn how the region has shaped the history of California itself, and even shaping the future! The Kern County Museum display thousands of cultural and historic artifacts in over 56 historic buildings, so you can really get a sense of how the region has changed.

In fact, there are actually 16 acres of historic buildings to explore! You can experience the one room school (we bet that's pretty different to the schools that you know today!), as well as the jail (be good kids!), general store, and seven historic homes.

There are even North American exhibits, and a great section on the gold rush of California.

Music lovers can enjoy rare artifacts from influential artists involved in the Bakersfield Sound, and kids always love the Lori Brook Children's Development Center, with Discovery World, Safari Art and Kid City! 

Don't forget about the playground which is great fun for all ages!

Didn't think there was much history in Kern County? Think again! The history is amazing and kids will get a kick out of visiting those real historic homes!

Enjoy kids!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$10
  • Children$7 - $9
  • Free Under: 3 years

When can we go?

10am - 5pm Mon to Sat / 12pm - 5pm Sun

Al year round

Teachers corner

Groups of 20 or more can get a discount! Book ahead - it's an amazing way to experience history!.

I'm Hungry!

Snacks are available at the Museum Store, and vending machines are available on the grounds..

Healthy Eating!

Feel free to bring your own picnic lunch! You can enjoy healthy snacks in the beautiful outdoors, so why not bring a blanket. Food isn't allowed in the exhibit buildings. .

Any Top Tips?

Wear comfortable walking shoes - there are 16 acres to explore! Dress for the weather too - summers can be VERY hot!.

Doing our bit

The museum are dedicated to preserving and teaching the local history, and they have done so by collecting and preserving some incredible artifacts!.

Need a little extra help?

There are paved paths so everyone can enjoy the museum and grounds. Wheelchairs are available in the Museum Store free of charge. Service dogs are allowed on the grounds too .

Can I get one of those?

The museum store is THE place to pick up gifts, and educational items once you have finished your amazing day out at the museum! .

More information

If you want to support the museum, and get value for money, why not look at becoming a member!.

What people are saying?

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    Not your typical museum but that's a good thing. What makes it unique is the Pioneer Village which has over 50 historic buildings and structures from the Kern County Area. Nice pleasant place to take a stroll and check out the various sites to see.

    I regularly come here for my lunch break and have a nice walk.

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    It was great fun and a good experience for all of us especially our son!! We always enjoy the museum. If you have not gone, its time to go, you will not regret a thing..... If you are into history at all, this is the place to go!!!!! ENJOY

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    The presence of untold stories linger throughout the premises. You're stepping into a different world from the usual Kern County environment.

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    Was skeptical, but it was much bigger and better than expected.
    PROS: Historical. Exceptional restoration/relocation of 70 local buildings, from Victorian through log cabins. Thousands of authentic artifacts from 1830 through 1960. One of the largest vintage railroad engines around. Million-dollar oil museum with large movie theater with original video about Bakersfield oil rush. Well worth the $10 fee.
    CONS: Needs more descriptions about tool displays.

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    OMG I went to " Pioneer village" as a little girl and just moved back so looking forward to sharing with my grandson and daughter...can't wait

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