My Gym Ventura

Ventura, CA

Where are we going?

My Gym Ventura
4255 East Main Street

805 644 4600

What is there to do?

Kids are always learning, and always developing, so why not take them to a place where they have created classes and programs perfect for what they need?

My Gym Ventura offers a range of classes and programs that are geared towards different age groups, and so they can specifically target where they are in their development. The benefits of these classes include increased balance, strength, coordination, motor skills, and fitness.

Kids can also develop socially as they are surrounded by others their own age, who they can interact with. Kids will come away with more confidence and self-esteem, no matter what class they choose!

Those little ones as young as 6 weeks can start at My Gym Ventura! In the Little Bundles classes, they can begin their first audial and visual explorations. The next class up they are becoming mobile, so they are introduced to more stimulating experiences.

Classes build motor kills through gymnastics and motor skills, and the dance classes really build on their coordination and strength. Kids can even learn hip hop, and parents who want to join in - there are Zumba classes for you too!

The classes have been designed by experts in child development, so you know that whatever class they choose, they are getting exactly what they need.

Parents, they know what you need too, so they offer Parents Night Outs, where you can drop the kids off and have a night to yourselves. The kids will be too busy with music, games, and dinner!

So why not get the kids involved in some activities on your next family day out where they can play, make friends, and develop all of their skills? Sounds pretty cool to us!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free

Children: From $76/month

Discount: 10% siblings, 20% twins


Need a little extra help?

They have special sensory classes for those kids who might need a little more attention


When can we go?

Class times vary pending the class

Year round


Any top tips?

Why not have a birthday party at the gym! They would love to help you celebrate that special day!

I’m Hungry!

They don't provide food so best grab something in the area before hand to work up that energy! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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