Sequoia and King's Canyon National Park

Three Rivers, CA

Where are we going?

Sequoia and King's Canyon National Park
98 Ash Ln
Three Rivers
CA 93271


What is there to do?

Are you ready to visit the Land of Giants? We don't mean robots or the BFG - in fact, we mean the sequoia trees in California, which can grow to incredible heights!

The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is a pretty impressive experience for a child, and a great place for the family to enjoy the great outdoors, and a little adventure!

This national park has dramatic landscapes that keep changing, from the huge mountains, to the deep canyons, to rugged foothills and vast caverns. And of course, there are the world's largest trees!

Did we mention the sequoia's are the WORLD'S largest tree? We did now!

There are two parks that lie side by side - the Sequoia, and the Kings - within the Sierra Nevada, and are perfect for adventure.

If you love exploring, there are over 800 miles of trails which allow you to explore the 800,000 acres of wilderness. Try and spot the local wildlife that live there, including coyotes. These trails are perfect for day hikes, or you might want to choose an overnight wilderness trip to really explore the area.

All of the trails vary in difficulty, so if you want easy paved trails which are great for little kids and wheelchairs, or you perfect the strenuous, then there is something for you!

The Visitor Centers are a great place to start your adventure, as there are exhibits on the parks, and they can really help when planning your trip. The parks also hold ranger led programs which are free, and a great way to learn more about the nature and conservation!

So grab those walking shoes, because there is adventure to be had in sunny California!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10 individual per week / $20 per vehicle

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

If you have mobility or sensory impairments, there are trails and programs which are perfect for you. There is more information in the visitor center!


When can we go?

24 hours a day

365 days a year


Any top tips?

There are black bears active in the parks, so make sure you store food properly, and read all the guidelines before you visit

I’m Hungry!

There are restaurant options within the park if you want to grab some food there!

Healthy Eating

Make sure you take plenty of bottled water and healthy snacks to keep your energy up! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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