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Deep South USA Series Part 1: Alabama

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Family Days Out puts a Spotlight on Deep South USA and uncovers what makes this incredibly special part of the country an absolute must to explore! Enjoy Part 1 all about the beautiful state of Alabama!

The idea of traveling around the USA always conjures up the idea of jumping in a car or RV and taking on the ultimate American road trip - but where to go? One of our favorite regions in the United States is the Deep South. It's an area rich in culture, traditions, incredible food and amazing people so we are doing a series of blogs that will shine a spotlight the states of the Deep South USA and explain why it absolutely should be on your bucket list!

Image Credit: Alabama Tourism

What exactly is considered the Deep South USA? The region is comprised of 5 gorgeous states all bordering each other - South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.  Originally the "Deep South" was considered the seven states of Confederacy but it was after the Civil War ended that "Deep South" was used as a term.  Today some people also consider states such as Tennessee and Florida part of the Deep South, but for our blog we will focus on the five! 

Deep South USA has an incredibly complex history and heritage that has resulted in an truly distinct American culture. It's this cultural diversity that makes the region stand out from the rest of the country and makes it so special to experience.

Image Credit: Art Meripol via Alabama Tourism

There were four key events in US history that all took place in the Deep South, and it wasn't all great. In fact, some of the events were tragic but it was the people rising from this tragedy that gave the South a spirit you can't find anywhere else.

First, you had The American Revolution. Then you had the American Civil War. The abolition of slavery occured in the Deep South, as did the Civil Rights Movement. 

It's a region of turbulence, changes, struggles, successes and magic, and we can't wait to share our favorite things to do in the Deep South USA - so are you excited to explore with us?


Alabama will surprise you with just how beautiful the state is. Known as the "Yellowhammer" state, as well as the "Heart of Dixie", it borders Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and also has some of it's border meeting the Gulf of Mexico (resulting in some incredible beaches!).

Image Credit: UnPhiltered Kayaking via Alabama Tourism

The state was once home to a number of native tribes (as was much of the USA), but became a Spanish territory in the 16th century until it was aquired by the French. In 1763, the territory was won by the British until the American Revolutionary War.

The oldest city in the state is Mobile, which was founded by French colonists back in 1702 and at the time is was the capital of French Louisiana. Then, in 1819 Alabama was recognised as a state and was at the forefront for key events including the Civil Rights Movement.

Image Credit: Chris Granger via Alabama Tourism

Today, Alabama offers beauty, culture, history and adventure. The birthplace of icons such as Nat King Cole and Hank Williams, the state is rich in music (jazz, Gospel, blues and country sing from the buildings), you can enjoy mouth-watering BBQ and visit a wealth of museums that tell the story of this truly special state. 

Capital: Montgomery

Largest City: Huntsville

Key Historic Moment: Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat on a bus in Montgomery to protest racial segregation

National Historic Landmark:  USS Arizona

Civil War Site: Fort Gaines

Civil Rights Must Visit: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Biggest Kids Thrill: Waterville USA

Escape to Nature: Gulf State Park

Celebrate an Icon: WC Handy Museum

Be Wowed!:  US Space and Rocket Center

For the Music Lovers: Tour Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Don't Miss BBQ: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q!

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Image Credit: Chris Granger via Alabama Tourism

And make sure you check out the rest of the blogs to catch the remaining Deep South USA spotlight artciles!

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