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Family Fun In An RV!

Family Fun In An RV!
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An RV trip is something that every family should experience at some time in their lives. Why? Because it's incredibly fun, it's a great way for a family to spend time together, the perfect way to see this wonderful country, and the USA is so RV friendly they have everything set up and ready to go for you!

RV trips are also great for the budget. The campsites, depending on if you have full or partial hook up, cost on average between $30 and $50 per night. That's for the whole family! They are are also often really family friendly, with a ton of activities to keep the kids entertained.

Most parks come with swimming pools for those hot summer days, but some have their own special attractions, ranging from playgrounds, mini golf, and some even hold events that the whole family can enjoy, like BBQs and campfires!

Pirate Cove Resort & Marina is a fantastically pirate themed experience complete with off roading experiences and family friendly beach camp fires.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone National Parks (nationwide, in locations such as Marion, North Carolinaand Williamsport, Maryland have created an incredible experience for kids, with cookouts, games and adventures, that welcome day visitors as well as overnighters.

A lot of RV parks have, of course, located themselves in the perfect spot to give you the best access to the local national parks and outdoor activities.  Questa Lodge RV Park and Canyon Pines RV Park are great examples for those active families who want to take on adventures like mountain biking, hiking and fishing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your RV trip, so of course, we're here to help!

1. Make sure you plan your route ahead of time, and book in those RV parks. Over summer, they can be booked out months in advance and you don't want to be turning up and realise they don't have any spots!

2. RVs are your mobile hotels, so you don't have to stop at a regulated RV park every night. If you want to camp on the side of a river or an stunning gorge, just check ahead about the rules and regulations of the area to see if it's allowed. You may find every 3rd night you will want to stop at an RV park to hook your RV up to water, sewerage and electricity - just to freshen up!

3. Have a think about how many hours of driving you want to do in a day and plan your route accordingly.  A good benchmark is about 300 miles a day, or maximum 4 hours driving.

Make sure you account for any stops you want to make. Not just stops at some of the beautiful national parks, or quirky features that make America great. But the luxury of an RV is that you have everything with you. Stop on the side of the river and enjoy some lunch or drinks! No need to search for a cafe and parking when those stomachs start to rumble.

4. Make sure you pack lots of games! A lot of games, both classic and modern, come in handy travel packs. Great fun sitting around the table while on the road playing some scrabble, or sitting out on your picnic table at the campground under the stars with some cards.

5. Because of the size of the RV parks, they are often a few miles out of the main town so just be aware it might be too far to walk to grab dinner or see the sights. Most parks, however, offer free shuttles into the town. Some places in town even offer free shuttles if you visit their attraction! So just check when you arrive for the times and the process.

The best perk about the RV? There's no waiting for the kids to get ready in a morning! They're still in their pyjamas? Doesn't matter! Hit the road and get underway while they're still deciding what to wear. Perfect! You can't do that in a motel!

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