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Zoos in Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs in Arkansas is not just a National Park – it’s a very fun and family friendly place to visit with kids!

Did you know that Hot Springs had an amazing water and theme park in Magic Springs? Did you know there was the states largest fish exhibit at the National Park Aquarium?

Kids can even learn all about the cool gangster history at the Gangster Museum of America!

There is science fun waiting at the Mid America Science Museum, great activities for the whole family at places like

Funtracker Family Amusement Park, and sweet horseback riding at Panther Valley Ranch.

There are surprises and unique experiences too! The Belle Riverboat lets kids explore Lake Hamilton in this old fashioned mode of transport!

Camping, crystal mining, magic shows, history tours…is there anything you can’t do in Hot Springs!  A beautiful part of Arkansas which kids will fall in love with!

Hot Springs Attractions Map

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