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Benton, LA

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Address: 135 Cypress Park Dr, Benton, LA 71006, USA Number: 318-965 4223 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Did you know that Cypress Zoo was FIRST opened back in 1998 as just a petting zoo? Located right near the entrance to the amazing Cypress Black Bayou Park, it now has grown into 7 acres where you can explore over 30 species of creatures from all over the country!

Want to know what else is really cool about Cypress Zoo? It's the ONLY zoo in the area that is a wildlife rehabilitation center too! That means when you visit, you will be saying hello to animals that have been rescued!

Whether they have been hit by cars, or suffered in a natural disaster, or even orphaned - the lovely staff at Cypress Zoo have taken them in, looked after them, and are the reason they are so happy in their new lives today!

It's also a great experience for kids, as not only do they learn about the animals and how they live, but also an important lesson in why we need to care for the creatures that we share the planet with.

Don't forget that during your day out, you will be located within Cypress Black Bayou Park too! That means that on top of your animal filled adventure, there are a host of other activities that you can enjoy too! Grab those walking shoes and take to those hiking trails, or perhaps grab your rods and get out and fish for a while.

There is a great nature center where you can read up on the environment, and learn interesting facts about the wildlife - and there is even a beach!

So why not get out into nature, and make new friends with the creatures at Cypress Zoo. Each animal has a story, and you never know how you might be inspired!

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$5 for three people to get into the park. $1 a person extra after three



Same as adult


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Make sure you take some time to explore the rest of the park!

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Make sure you take your camera, and your hat on those hot days!

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Healthy Eating Make sure you take plenty of bottled water, especially if you are heading out on the trails!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Classes from local schools come through each week to learn at our nature center and possibly take a tour through the park (weather permitting). They LOVE having children love about local wildlife. While there is no charge for school trips they would love to see kids dress out in a "Jean Day" to benefit the zoo!

Need a little extra help?


Give them a call to discuss the accessibility of the zoo, and any questions about assistance you may need!

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8am - 4pm daily

All year round

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