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Our Top 6 Best Burgers in the USA!

Mar 22,2022read

Get those taste buds excited as you journey with us to explore our Top 6 Best Burgers in the USA!

It's no secret that the USA have some INCREDIBLE burgers to offer, and some are so impressive you wonder how someone ever came up with that combination!

So in this blog, we share with you our Top 6 Best Burgers in the USA!

Some...need to be experienced to be believed!

1. The Whale Burger at Slaters 50/50 (Las Vegas, NV)

The Whale Burger is one of the most impressive burgers we've ever come across!

At a price of $100 (and even to order it is a challenge!), it doesn't disappoint. You'll be trying to take a bite of two wagyu beed patties in a gold covered brioche bun, topped with truffle cheese, lobster tail and some crispy bacon - yes, delicatly covered in gold too!

Did we say it comes with a mini bottle of champagne too? (Parents, that part is for you!) This burger is so secretive you can't even see it on the website.

Intrigued? You should be. Head to Slaters 50/50 to learn the true meaning of ultimate burger!

Image Credit: Slaters 50/50

2. The Double Cheeseburger at Au Chevel (Chicago, IL)

There's nothing like a slight twist on a classic, and that's exactly what Au Chevel's Double Cheeseburger offers. Sounds simple when you say their signature dish (yep, the Double Cheeseburger is the signature!) is two delicate beef patties with cheese and pickles, drizzed with dijoinaisse sauce.

Then, go the extra mile and add the crispy bacon and fried egg and all together you have so many flavors that just work in a way that's above the rest.

As they say, they're "bacon care of business" and they're not wrong!

Image Credit: Au Cheval

3. The Triple Cheeseburger at Stella's Bar & Grill (Bellevue, NE)

There's a reason that Stella's Bar & Grill has been named Omaha's Best Burger 10 years in a row, and the stand out is their triple cheeseburger.  It's so simple it's brilliant. Three 6.5 ounce patties, with simply cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, real mayonaisse and onions. 

(Naturally you can choose which kind of cheese you want - it might mean you have to order 5 burgers to try all combinations!)

They have also been named "Nebraska's Best Burger" by multiple outlets, so it's definitely worth making a stop at this Nebraska favorite to see if that classic Triple Cheeseburger really is worth all those accolades!

Image Credit: Stellas Bar & Grill

4. The Classic Burger at Pioneer Bar (Virginia City, MT)

Recently visited by Family Days Out personally and after one bite we KNEW this incredible burger needed to go on this list.

Just those simple and classic ingredients - pattie, pickle, lettuce, cheese....but the pattie was SO fresh and had so much flavor to it, it was incredible. The fries were great too, something that is often hit and miss but absolutely part of the burger experience.

Not only is the burger great, but you also enjoy it in the historic Pioneer Bar in the incredible Virginia City. 

Our mouths are watering still writing about it!

Image Credit: Family Days Out

5. Silver Dollar Burger at Silver Dollar Bar (Cody, WY)

Once again the Silver Dollar Burger shows that the simple classics CAN end up on top as the best burgers in the USA. Whilst the Whale Burger in our list adorned the creation with gold and lobster, we are back to the basics in Cody, Wyoming.

Lettuce, pickle and onion join forces with bacon and a delicious beef patty and your choice of cheese to give you an understanding as to why the menu declares the burgers "The Best in the West"

Accompanying your burger is your choice of fries, onion rings, fried chips, or romaine salad.

You can also add for a small additional charge tomato, bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions, jalapenos - but try it as it comes first! There's a reason it's so good with such simple flavors. 

The Silver Dollar Burger really could be the Best in the West!

Image Credit: Imeastlacka via Tripadvisor

6. The Smash Burger at Mid-City Smash Burger (Portland, OR)

Born in New Orleans but found life in a food truck in Portland, this Smash Burger is one of the most incredible burgers you will taste - showing you that looks can be deceiving!

A delicious burger doesn't have to hold 7 patties, throws of crispy onions and pounds of cheese standing a foot high. No. This burger proves that, and consists of two beef patties "smashed" together, served with slices of American cheese and a special sauce, all delicately placed between two soft and oh-so-fluffy buns. 

They are a food truck, so keep an eye on their social to find out where they are going to be, but you won't want to miss it!

Do they smash it out of the ball park? YES THEY DO!

Image Credit: Mid-City Smash Burger

And there you have it - our Top 6 best burgers in the USA that is making our mouth water just writing this blog. 

Have you tried any of these burgers, or have any that YOU have tried that you feel should be on the list? If so, let us know in the comments!

Until then, enjoy those mouthwatering best burgers in the USA and don't forget to visit on an empty stomach! You might just head back for more!

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