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McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary

West Palm Beach, FL

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Address: 12943 61st St N, West Palm Beach, FL 33412, USA Number: 561-790-2116 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We LOVE zoos, and love animals, so we LOVE when there are places where kids can go and meet animals that have been rescued, and are now happy and getting better through rehabilitation. There is so much to learn from these experiences!

McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary is that kind of place - and they would LOVE to have you visit! This West Palm Beach sanctuary only takes visitors by appointment as their tours are limited to 20 people, so make sure you book ahead and secure your spot!

The sanctuary itself is a non-profit organization that has treated hundreds of native animals that were either injured or sick. A host of species have been brought through the doors, from pelicans, to owls, hawks, bobcats and even foxes. In fact, there are over 200 animals that families can encounter - even lions and tigers! And you know what else is exciting? You can actually get CLOSE to the animals - much closer than in zoos or safaris.

There are hands-on experiences with some wildlife including snakes and parrots, and maybe some surprise species such as the rhino iguana and gila monster!

Kids can learn all about the wildlife that's been brought it, WHY they have been brought in, and in doing so, learn the valuable lessons about why we should be caring for our wildlife. 

After all of the hard work that's done at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary, the animals are ideally released back into their natural habitats as soon as possible - happy and healthy!

So why not enjoy an animal adventure with a difference on your next family day out, and make new friends along the way!

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The only way to book a tour is to phone

Any top tips?


You will be outside for nearly 2 hours, and half the tour is shaded, so closed toe shoes are recommended

I'm Hungry!


They don't have a concession stand, but have chips and soda at the end of the tour

Healthy Eating They sell water at the front gate, and you are more than welcome to bring your own food!

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Where is it at?


There is free parking on either side of the front gate

Teachers corner


They offer outreach programs where they can come to YOU to teach kids all about the beautiful animals they look after!

Can I get one of those?


There is a small gift shop where shirt, stuffed animals, post cards, and kids toys are available. Bring that pocket money!

Need a little extra help?


The Sanctuary tour is a "walking" tour, but those with limited or no walking ability can still enjoy the tour. There are benches along the way, and much of the time is spent standing instead of walking. There are a limited amount of wheelchairs at no charge

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When can we go?

Tours at 11am, 12pm and 1pm

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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