Zoos Near Me in Louisiana

SNAP! When it comes to animal attractions in Louisiana, you may think of that iconic alligator swimming in the bayous. And well, you would be right to, given attractions like Bayou Pierre Alligator Park where you can check out those amazing creatures.

However, there is a WORLD of animals waiting to be encountered in this great state, and they would love to have YOU!

You can enjoy those classic zoo experiences at places such as Monroe Zoo and The Alexandria Zoo, where you can meet some amazing exotic, weird and wonderful creatures. Kids can experience the safari style encounters at attractions such as Global Wildlife Center where you can feed the animals at this totally free roaming wildlife preserve - the largest in the USA!

Kids can explore the depths of the oceans at the many aquariums, including Audubon Aquarium, or you can learn about rehabilitation programs at Cypress Zoo - and invaluable experience for kids!

Are you ready for that WILD day out in the great South? We are, so let's GO!


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