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Theme Parks in Texas

Texas is the kind of fun place that both adults and kids will enjoy – your only problem, is going to be finding the time to fit all the great places to visit in! Because many of Texas's must-see attractions offer kid-friendly activities and exhibits, you won't have to miss out on any of the state's diverse culture and history. As you explore the multitude of fun things to do in Texas with kids, you'll definitely create memories that will last and last - and you can watch them back on video for years to come if you’ve got a shocking memory like me!

When you think "big theme parks", you might think of Disneyland or Universal Studios...but Texas has some pretty spectacular options of it's own and they are PACKED with thrills, excitement, rides and fun!

We know you have heard of Six Flags? Well, Texas have not one, but TWO fun Six Flags parks in Arlington and San Antonio filled with the biggest thrills, the most exciting amusements, the highest heights and the softest adventures!

Head to Lubbock for those family fun amusements with both the thrills and smaller rides for the little ones, and if you are feeling COOL Amarillo is the place to be with water rides too!

Whether you are in Dallas experiencing the extreme rides of Zero Gravity Thrill Park, or the charming 60 acre waterfront of Kemah Boardwalk complete with themed restaurants, Texas knows what people want in theme parks, and it makes sense for you to join them!


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