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Indoor Play in Texas

Texas is the kind of fun place that both adults and kids will enjoy – your only problem, is going to be finding the time to fit all the great places to visit in! Because many of Texas's must-see attractions offer kid-friendly activities and exhibits, you won't have to miss out on any of the state's diverse culture and history. As you explore the multitude of fun things to do in Texas with kids, you'll definitely create memories that will last and last - and you can watch them back on video for years to come if you’ve got a shocking memory like me!

The great thing about Texas is everything is BIG...and that includes the FUN that kids can have at indoor play. Across the state there are some super fun play centers that kids can well, just play! They can bounce, crawl, climb, tumble, hide, and use their imaginations and just be themselves.

Each indoor play center is different, so just scroll through the below and find what's best for you! Perhaps kids want to jump across 10,000 sq ft of inflatables at Jump Mania, or perhaps parents want to enjoy their own area at Stomping Grounds.

Most centers have special toddler areas, such as Texas Jumping Beans in Red Rock, so they can have their own kiddie sized fun, or perhaps they want to enjoy their birthday in a super fun indoor play that offers party space too, such as Just Add Children in San Antonio.

Want BIG fun? Then your next stop should be Mt. Playmore in Austin - the LARGEST indoor playground in Central Texas!

The fun is only just beginning!

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