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Things to do in Melbourne with Kids near me

Melbourne is the artistic and creative gem of Australia!

The city has so many fun, cultural and fascinating places to visit with kids.  With it’s green parks, fascinating history, hidden streets with incredible art and seaside feel this great city is FILLED with kids fun!

This amazing city can make kids feel like a bird, or Superman with the Flight Experience - maybe even pilot their own plane! The city can surround them with carnival fun with Galatic Circus. 

They can scale new heights with Hardrock Melbourne, or explore the depths of the ocean with the very popular Aquarium.

The Victorian capital can take kids back in time with the Melbourne Museum,  or introduce kids to exotic animals from all over the world, with Melbourne Zoo.

Want to get lost in space? Kids can (safely!) with the Planetarium - which sends them on an immersive trip into the night sky through their exhibits.

There is a world of exploration just in the one city, and it has your name all over it!

Melbourne Attractions Map

Melbourne StampMelbourne Image Melbourne Image
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