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Chessington World of Adventures: WILDLIFE DEFENDERS Audio Card Launch!

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Chessington World of Adventures: WILDLIFE DEFENDERS Audio Card Launches with YOTO Player and Merlin Entertainment! Read all about their incredible charity work in our latest Family Days Out blog!

One of the things we really LOVE about Chessington World of Adventures (apart from the amazing rides and incredible animals!) is their commitment to conservation, and to the endangered species that are close to fading from our planet.

New Yoto Partnership!

In 2023, they created the Sea Life Trust and Sea Defenders Card, and now their second audio adventure has been launched, in partnership with Merlin Entertainment.

We are of course talking about BrainBots: Wildlife Defenders!

This super fun audio experience offers kids a 30 minute recording all about why we should protect our endangered wildlife, and how! It's an invaluable way for kids to really understand how precious our planet's animals are, and what they can do about it! 

Family Days Out Visit!

Family Days Out were lucky enough to be invited down to Chessington World of Adventures for this exciting launch, along with YOTO, for a fun breakfast as we heard talks all about their various charity partnerships, before heading out to experience these amazing creatures before our very own eyes.

What's great for kids, too, is that they can go from learning about the endangered species on the BrainBots audio - from the large Southern white rhino, to the adorably playful Columbian Spider Monkeys - to actually the actual species right there in Chessington. 

During the breakfast, we heard how Chessington World of Adventures work tirelessly with their Chessington Conservation Fund, to support a host of organisations around the world - including Wildcats Conversation Alliance, the World Land Trust, and Limbe Wildlife Centre, to name a few.

They of course proudly support the Surrey Wildlife Trust too, which is proudly UK.

Then, excitedly, we headed on out to the park, because we were ready to have a WILD learning experience!

Safari Fun!

Our first stop out in the park, was to take a very bumpy (but incredibly fun!) ride on Zufari: A Ride Through Africa!

Yes, it really felt like we were heading out into the vast expanses of Zimbabwe, or South Africa, with our eyes peeled for what we might spot first.

We didn't have to wait too long, because RIGHT in front of our very eyes were the beautiful giraffes who pretty much came right up to our buggy! They were so beautiful, and to see these amazing creatures up close was something truly special.

In the distance we spotted some zebra grazing, before making our way to the absolutely stunning Southern white rhino. 

We also spotted some creatures we had never heard of before, including the Blesbok! Every day is a learning day!

The Zufari experience was really fun for kids, because they take you through undulating terrains, mini lakes, and even a glow in the dark rock art cave!

But wait... there's MORE!

However, with over 1,000 animals at Chessington World of Adventures, we had only just scratched the surface so once our ride was over, it was on foot for the rest of the trip!

What we LOVED about Chessington, is that the animal enclosures were not only so close to the original habitats of the animals themselves, but they had incorporated these habitats within the theme park.

Never before did we think we'd ride a log flume past a sleeping tiger!

From the grand Lowland Gorillas, to cheeky and playful penguins, and the not-to-be-missed Ankole Cattle, there was really so much to learn for the whole family. Ensure you allow time for the kids to read the informative signs near each enclosure.

An INCREDIBLE day at Chessington World of Adventures, and an exciting launch for BrainBots: Wildlife Defenders which is well worth exploring so the next generation can continue to protect the endangered species that call our Earth home.

BrainBots: Wildlife Defenders is available to buy NOW for only £7.99 from, with 20% of the profits going to the Chessington Conservation Fund. 

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